Wei Jie Sng

Wei Jie Sng

Senior Contributing Writer (Singapore)

Some say that a son takes after the father’s passions and if that is so, his father must be hiding some secrets on his love for cars. Growing up in a conservative family where cars are basically a form of transport, Wei Jie must be an extraordinary character to have a such a keen interest in automotives. He winces at the sight of scratches (and to this day is still hunting for the person who keyed the family Volkswagen), much to his dad’s chagrin and demands that the car be kept free generally clean. Currently he drives a Volkswagen Polo and has once owned a Honda Integra DC2 and a Ford Falcon (oh yes, rear wheel-drive).

An Accountant by training and profession, he spends his free time (wherever possible and whenever possible) taking photos, writing features and doing garage visits to de-stress. Being a fan of Honda cars, his first automotive photos were that of a Honda CR-X Del Sol. As time went by, Wei Jie has managed to shoot various dream machines such as Nissan GT-Rs, a Honda NSX and even a Mugen Civic RR. While most would not bat an eyelid at Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars, he believes that these are more attainable than supercars.

Having travelled various parts of the world and studying in Australia for a few years, Wei Jie strives to build up his automotive knowledge, and never fails to look out for cars on the road to further his cause. Do not mock at him for having nothing more than a Volkswagen Jetta as his professional training has instilled prudence and financial planning in him. He is saving up for a car in the near future without having his bank balance under four digits. That said; do not annoy him in his Polo – He is no Button, but he is no run-of-the-mill driver either and has low tolerance for irresponsible driving on the roads.

Last Updated: October, 2016