Nick Itoh

Nick Itoh

Senior Contributing Writer (Japan)

Born in Switzerland, Nick crossed the world in order to study Japanese and never made it back to his home country. Japan became his second home, a place where he felt that he could blend in. In actual fact, instead of just blending in, Nick found himself in a very special and unique position with the knowledge of two different cultures.

His passion for cars naturally pushed him towards the automotive scene and he eventually started his own export business – Suruga Performance. A few years later, he decided to become a photographer and created a media section within the company – Highoctane ( After awhile, he and his team started gaining international recognition and began producing content for foreign media, eventually joining Team 9tro in early 2014.

Besides his professional activities, Nick is also a certified Scuba diver and have been practicing Ju-Jutsu for about 20 years. Japan gave him plenty to fulfill his need for cars,martial arts and diving, and he would not leave this country for anything in the world.

The work and passion also created the chance to join a few competitions as a driver, meeting professionals of the industry while fostering new friendships, all who share a similar interest. His media title says it all, veins filled with high octane fuel.

As a long term martial artist, Nick tends to impose himself continuously with challenges that improves his technique on the tatami, behind a wheel, and with his camera. He never considers anything an achievement because there is always room for further improvements.

Last Updated: October, 2016