Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

The last of the naturally-aspirated VTECs.

Date Published: 05 Apr 2015
Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Honda has recently announced and presented their latest high performance Civic to the world at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show to critical acclaim. It was a match made in heaven with the high revving nature of a Honda VTEC engine and a turbocharger. Many car makers have gone the forced induction route past decade, but few would have thought that Honda would deviate from its naturally-aspirated heritage for their Type R range. Note that there were turbocharged Honda cars, but they were confined to the Honda Legend and the Honda City Turbo of the mid to late eighties. 

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing RedWhile we wait for the new Type R to hit the roads (perhaps not so much for Singapore since the price is most likely to be astronomical), allow us to take you back five years ago to the time of the Honda Civic Type R (FD2R), and the Euro-Civic Type R (FN2R). As the only sedan Civic to be given the Type R treatment, the Japanese Domestic Market Civic Type R was the favoured variant as compared to the hatchback counterpart. The grey market was flooded with the FD2R and they proved to be extremely popular as the car was only officially sold in Japan and Malaysia. Inherently, being more powerful, lighter and nimbler, hoards of tuners came up with a plethora of tuning programs for the sports sedan.

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing RedJoshua (the owner) is Honda fan boy himself (derogatory or not, I am a Honda fan boy myself who would occasionally dream of the former Integra that I have owned). Young and hot headed, he takes pride in his Type R with constant updates onto Facebook on his rendezvous with the car. Taking FD2R for frequent washes and polishes, it was not too hard to make an appointment with him to get the feature done.

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing RedThe sports sedan was never offered in any forms of red other than the ultra limited Mugen RR in Milano Red - which would cost you a kidney and maybe an arm assuming any of the owners of the remaining 300 would be willing to part with it. While the FN2R hatch did come with a Milano Red option, the most common colour for the sedan would be the signature Championship White, Vivid Pearl Blue and Super Platinum Metallic Silver. Joshua paid a visit to Evolve Spray Painting and left a happy chap days later with the completion of the candy red paint work, including the Mugen front lip which was colour coded as well.

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Carbon fibre aero-mirrors from Spoon Sports were a direct replacement for the original mirrors. No drilling required!

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing RedWhilst a little asymmetrical, Joshua swapped out the stock driver’s seat for an Alcantara Bride VIOS III full bucket, sparing the front passenger from a sore bum. A little uncomfortable but it would keep him snugly in place while negotiating sharp bends – at the track of course.

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Defi link advance BF amber meters for Joshua to monitor the oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Still a relatively neat cockpit, steering wheel has been wrapped with classy Alcantara by Nightz Concepts

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing RedFormerly on an AP Racing brake kit, Joshua swapped them out for a set of Toptech large six piston calipers in gold after the former set started giving issues. Yokohama Advan Neova AD08Rs wrap a set of stunning Volk Racing Rays RE30 forged monoblock wheels, which are lightweight and durably strong for the harshest track conditions. Handling has been altered by means of a fully adjustable Toptech 40mm monotube performance coilovers.

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Cubic printed engine cover among other carbon fibre engine bay garnishings. We had to do a double take before realising it was a print

Honda Civic Type R - Seeing Red

Purchased from Maximus Racing, Joshua swapped in a straight pipe Toda High Power Muffler with its signature titanium burned end

Stay legal! Click on the link to see our list of approved exhausts here and the news on the latest Honda Civic Type R here.

It is a pity that the FD2 Type R signifies the end of an era of Honda engines as we herald in the dawn of the turbocharged VTEC variant. However, advancement in technology has only meant that things will always get better, and we are pretty sure that the next generation of Type Rs bring Honda to another level of performance.

Check out Joshua’s simple list of work done below!

Honda Civic Type R FD2R

Mugen front lip body color painted
Full candy red sprayed by Evolve spray painting
Spoon Carbon Fibre Mirrors

BRIDE Japan Vios III  Bucket Seat
Defi BF Amber Standard NA Package
ALCANTARA steering Wrapped by Nightsconceptz
Orange Electronics Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Pioneer Dvd head unit with front Helix component speakers with aluminium tweeter pods, rear helix speakers, customised subwoofer in boot and 4 channel Amp under front passenger seat
Full suede interior wrapped for roof lining and pillars

Ogura Super Single Racing Clutch
Customised long ram air intake
Toda Cat back Exhaust

Volk Racing Rays RE30 Bronze
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R
Toptech Large 6 Piston in Customised gold with 330mm drilled slotted rotors with 850 degrees celsius race pads
Toptech Monotube 40mm Inverted coilovers with camber plates
Ultra Racing Interior Room Bar
Carbing Front Strut Engine Tower bar

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