Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

Born at the track, designed for the road: The all-new Supra unveiled!

Date Published: 08 Nov 2019
Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

Singapore – After 17 years spent perfecting the craft of a pure sports car, Borneo Motors (Singapore) announces the launch of the new Toyota GR Supra here in Singapore.

Available for commercial purchase at the Toyota Leng Kee Showroom, the all-new Supra is the first global model of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s GR sports car series.

The fifth generation Supra marks the end of a 17-year hiatus since the production conclusion of the previous generation in 2002. Ever since the Supra's inception in 1978, all generations have been front-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles powered by an inline six-cylinder engine – and the latest rendition is no exception.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

With attention to detail paid to its three fundamental elements of wheelbase, tread, and centre of gravity, the all-new Toyota GR Supra boasts the handling performance befitting a pure sports car. Backed by Toyota’s rich history of innovation and commitment to constant improvement, the Toyota GR Supra has undoubtedly reached an iconic status in the automotive space since its inception.

“The Toyota GR Supra is a true-blue sports car that offers the perfect joy of driving, featuring brand new technologies that promise to give even the most experienced driver an exhilarating drive”, says Jasmmine Wong, Managing Director, Borneo Motors (Singapore). “It remains as one of Toyota’s icons with a huge global fan base, and we are thrilled to be putting out our most exciting car yet. Supra fanatics, racing enthusiasts and sports car lovers alike can look forward to exciting times ahead as we bolster our TOYOTA GAZOO Racing presence here in Singapore.”

With the goal of "making ever-better cars", TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has been aiming, through its motorsports activities, to further push the envelope by putting its cars through the toughest tests. The knowledge and know-how built up over the years have been funneled into bringing the Supra back to life in the form of the "GR Supra," as a car that people everywhere will find fun to drive.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

High performance on and off the racetrack

3.0L variant
At home, on the road or track, the new Toyota GR Supra’s 3.0-litre, straight-6 inline turbocharged engine has all the ingredients to stimulate the senses.

Equipped with a single, twin-scroll turbocharger, high-precision direct fuel injection and variable valve control, it delivers 335bhp and 500Nm of torque for an exhilarating charge to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 250km/h.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

2.0L variant
The 2.0-liter variant comes in a straight-4 configuration with a maximum output of 255bhp and 400Nm of torque for nimble, sporty driving. It can reach 0-100km/h in 5.2 seconds and has a top speed of 250km/h.

Designed on the racetrack, made for the roads
With its long bonnet, compact body and double-bubble roof, the new Toyota GR Supra’s standout design is sure to excite driving enthusiasts and capture the hearts and minds of classic sports car fans.

First previewed by Toyota in the dramatic FT-1 concept car styled by its CALTY studio in California, its ‘Condensed Extreme’ design concept blends racing aerodynamics with a modern, powerful look that screams driving performance.

In addition to a thick, straight skeletal structure that prioritizes driving performance, aluminium and steel are employed in the most optimal locations.

● A straight-6 inline turbocharged engine that carries on tradition (for 3.0L variant)
● The tradition of a straight-6 inline turbocharged engine found in successive generations of the Supra is carried on in the form of an inline-6, twin-scroll turbocharged engine. Maximum torque of 500Nm is produced at a low engine revolution of 1,600rpm, allowing exhilaration from acceleration that perfectly matches expectations in line with accelerator-pedal operation.
● A suspension that enables precise vehicle control.
● A newly designed suspension is characterized by reduced unsprung weight, high-rigidity assembly, and minute movability. The Double-joint type MacPherson Strut (front) and Multi-link (rear) suspension contribute to the optimization of weight allocation between the front and rear.
● An active differential for heightened turning performance and stability.
● While coordinating with the Vehicle Stability Control system, an active differential optimally and seamlessly controls the locking ratio between the rear left and right wheels in a range of zero to 100 by way of an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. High cornering speed, stability, and neutral steering characteristics were realized.
● Manoeuvrability honed on the roads of the world.
● With importance placed on the environments in which customers drive in the real world, proving runs were thoroughly and repeatedly conducted on regular roads during various stages of development. Such runs naturally included racing-speed drives at Nürburgring. Numerous tests were also held on a wide range of roads throughout the world, such as country roads in Europe, the Autobahn in Germany, snow-covered and ice-covered roads in Northern Europe, highways in the United States, and winding roads in Japan. The result is tuning aimed at enabling drivers to experience the joy of driving the new Supra even in everyday situations.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

Design highlights

As Toyota’s flagship model, the all-new Toyota GR Supra is crafted to exceed expectations.

● Side-view packaging that emphasizes the presence of the wheels and tires, thanks to a short wheelbase and large-diameter wheels.
● A two-seater-appropriate, close-fitting cabin and a super-wide stance born of a wide tread.
● The long-nose, short-cabin silhouette of an inline-6, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car.
● The design adopts a condensed body contour with optimal engine position to focus on suppressing the generation of lift in aerodynamics.
● With a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution, it enables agile steering and stable cornering which are traits of a true sports car.
● The styling of the new Supra also pays homage to the Toyota 2000GT and fourth- generation Supra, with its "double-bubble" roof, which contributes to reduced air friction, and an approach for creating a condensed body design by positioning headlights more inwardly from the sides of the vehicle to lend a more voluminous appearance to the fenders.
● A thin, flat, and linear instrument panel was designed to create greater visibility at high speeds and make it easier to feel positional changes of the vehicle.
● Visual recognition and operation system instruments (gauges, Head-Up Display (for 3.0L variant)), paddle switch, steering switch, and other necessary for sport driving are compactly arranged directly in front of the driver.
● A seamless flow from the door trim to the console knee pads realizes a new compact cockpit style that surrounds the driver.
● A centralized gauge layout (equipped with an 8.8-inch (3.0l variant) high definition colour monitor), which features instruments required for sport driving such as the tachometer and shift indicator, is optimally positioned to enable a natural sightline of the gauges through the small-diameter steering wheel.
● Featuring high back seats to securely cradle and hold the driver's body with a focus on the lower back, the interior design was created based on our interior designer's actual driving experience on racing circuits.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

Interior and exterior colours
Attention was paid to the texture and shading, as well as reflectiveness of the body surface to further highlight the sense of power created by the contour of the vehicle.

● Seven exterior colour options are available.
● The driver-oriented interior accentuated by a beautifully blended colour scheme pursues the functionality of driving with distinctly designed materials and colour coordination:
● 3.0L variant: A choice of Black Alcantara Leather or Red & Black Alcantara Leather that enhances the revamped cockpit style.
● 2.0L variant: Luxurious black fabric which creates a sharp-looking space Putting the driver as the center of attention.

With its driver-focused cockpit, racing-inspired seats and premium technology, the new Toyota GR Supra is the ideal all-rounder, providing both comfort and sports car control when needed.

An 8.8-inch central multimedia system gives drivers access to navigation, music and hands- free calls, while a Smart Entry and Push Start system and large, expandable trunk make daily life easier.

Influenced by the layout found in a single-seater racing car, the cockpit of the new Toyota GR Supra is designed to put the driver at the center of the action. Adjustable side bolsters in the seats and thoughtful knee pads provide support when cornering hard, while a digital combi-meter and a Head-up Display (in 3.0L variant) displays speed, infotainment and navigation clearly in the driver’s eyeline.

Engineered with safety in mind

“Toyota Supra Safety” technologies are standard on all models.

● A pre-crash safety system (millimetre wave radar + monocular camera) to detect preceding vehicles or pedestrians (in the day) and bikes (in the day) to support collision prevention and mitigate damage.
● A blind spot monitor to detect vehicles in blind spots in other lanes.
● Dynamic Cruise Control with full-speed range that supports driving behind the car in front.
● Lane departure warning to assist steering when it senses that drivers have veered from their lane.
● Auto High Beam that automatically illuminates the road ahead when select low-light conditions are met. This feature will also automatically turn the high beams off when oncoming vehicles are detected or when light levels are sufficient for safe driving.

Toyota Supra - Singapore Launch

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