Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine

Novitec gives Lamborghini’s Huracán Spyder the wide body treatment.

Date Published: 08 Sep 2017
Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine

In the beginning Ferrari was the establishment and Lamborghini was the outsider. But in the end both these feuding Italian supercar manufacturers proved unable to hold out on their own, and Ferrari fell into the lap of the Fiat empire, while the VW Group from the other side of the Alps acquired Lamborghini.

Today, as the supercar world inexorably gravitates towards turbocharging for emissions reasons, Lamborghini remains the last bastion of the naturally aspirated supercar with sonorous and inspirational V10 and V12 motors. The fact is that no matter how little turbo lag a manufacturer claims for its new age engines, their fatter and flatter torque curves are no substitute for the instantaneous throttle response and induction roar from a single-throttle-per-cylinder naturally aspirated motor.

Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine

Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine
Better yet if that engine is installed in an open top car, maximising the acoustically inspired adrenalin hit. Perhaps ironically this can often lead to a slower overall pace down a given road since the rush of air into the cabin can become quite uncomfortable at high speeds. At the same time greater immersion in the environment means less need to use sheer speed as part of the overall sensory stimulation equation.

On a scale of one to 10, the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder hits a top note. It may be two cylinders down on its bigger brother, but its “silk ripping” top note is neither better nor worse than the deeper, chestier rumble of its V12 sibling, merely inspiring in its own unique way.

If the Spyder has a major failing, it is one shared with its fixed head sister. Even compared to the more angular Gallardo that went before, the smoother lines of the Huracán lack the eyeball swivelling sense of drama that big brother Aventador exudes in spades.

Enter Novitec, whose drama queen Aventador we tested a couple of years ago. Originally founded to tune Ferrari (Novitec Rosso) models, the Novitec Group now adds its unique touch to the personalisation of Lamborghini (Novitec Torado), Maserati (Novitec Tridente), McLaren, and Rolls-Royce (Spofec) models.

Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine

Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine
It would have been easy for Novitec to simply add a larger front spoiler with bigger air intakes and a rear wing, but Lamborghini has already done that quite effectively with their fabulous Huracán Performante.

Novitec has a wonderful design line called N-Largo, which is basically a wide body solution for selected models within the purview of its expanding catalogue. N-Largo was born out of a special request by one of Novitec’s dealers who wanted a wide body conversion for the Ferrari F12. Next up was the Ferrari 488, which we tested earlier this year.

Novitec Huracan Spyder N-Largo - Jolly Green Flying Machine
Shortly afterwards we had an up close and personal session with Novitec Torado’s max drama solution for the understated Huracán Spyder, which sorely needed more expressive looks to match the perfect singing voice of its V10 engine.

The Novitec Torado Huracán Spyder N-Largo to give it its full title, pumps the Huracán bodyshell full of carbon-fibre, the automotive equivalent of steroids. The new front bumper/spoiler, wider front and rear wings, side sills panels and rear bumper are made from this light and strong material and painted green to match the rest of the bodywork.

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