Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, Brown and Rivets

Wider than the rest.

Date Published: 05 Sep 2019
Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, Brown and Rivets

Volkswagen Sciroccos are dime a dozen, and stock units aplenty. However, some will stand out from the rest, just like Roy’s Scirocco.

For the record, the photos were taken in 2018 not too long after the model (Mark III to be precise) went out of production with no replacement in sight, which in my opinion was partly due to the direct competition faced by the three-door variant of the Golf. Nonetheless, there are currently are well over 100 used Sciroccos ranging from two to 10 years of age for sales in various classifieds in Singapore that can be purchased at a decent depreciation starting from S$5,000 a year – Not too bad for a sporty car in local terms.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

When we first came across this particular fine example at a Scirocco Owners Club Singapore Photoshoot , we knew we had to revisit this baby.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

Mostly influenced by his petrolhead father, Roy settled on the Scirocco as it was a three doored sporty hatchback with a myriad of tuning parts and options in the market, that could also serve as a daily to get to and from work.

Roy started modifying the Scirocco over two years ago. To kick things off - and he has neither stopped nor looked back ever since – he undertook the biggest leap of faith with the installation of the wide body kit that fabricated by Scorpion Motorsports just across the causeway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

In a mish mash ‘rojak’ style as Roy puts it, you will never find an exact copy of his car in any tuner’s catalogue – the body works was no easy feat as it took over a month to get everything sorted!

He decided on a 2012 Scirocco R front bumper, Rieger side skirts.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

To make sure none will be identical, canards, diffusers and a customised wide body kit inspired by the fames Rocket Bunny were fabricated and installed. Replicate this.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

Exposed over-fenders - very Rocket Bunny inspired.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

To love or to hate, Aspec Scirocco Performance Project Volkswagen 430R carbon fibre spoiler looks more radical than any that no other Scirocco tuner has ever designed. We’d imagine the massive Aspec carbon fibre spoiler would provide all the downforce would have been required, but this car also spots an ABT rear wing that probably would seem to be more aesthetic than aerodynamic.

Not wanting to stick with the factory colours, Roy went for a dark shade of brown which reflects the name of the car – a Mediterranean wind that blows in over the desert. Complementing the brown are the amber optic lights that have been retrofitted throughout the car by Nightzconcepts.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

Being daily driven and with a workplace which is notorious for massive speed bumps, XYZ Super Sport Coilovers provides height adjustability and 30 adjustable damping settings to fulfil a lowered look, a sporty ride without the expense of scrapping the undercarriage.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

Massive 20 inch Dyanamic Performance Engineering’s Signature Series’ SL5 three-piece forged rims wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza S001s in the front and Michelin Pilot Super Sport in the rear, we cannot imagine the cost of replacements! Six pistons AP Racing big brake kit paired with 362mm slotted rotors in custom metallic red paint to avoid any subtleness.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

CTS Turbo open pod air intake is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium that purportedly offers good heat dissipation resulting in cooler intake temperatures.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

Roy would like to shout out to the team at Nightzconcepts, Dave and his foremen (Ah Quan, Ah Xiong and Ah Hao) for the work that they have done to his car as bespoke lighting solutions were made for the car. Orange trim lights line the door panels and also illuminate the footwell area, complementing the sioux vienna leather original sport seats.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Wide, brown and rivets

A well thought and planned project, Roy’s Scirocco certainly stands out from the crowd. Check out the modification list below.

   - Pre facelift R Bumper
   - Pre facelift R bumper lip
   - Rieger side skirts
   - Aspec rear carbon fibre Spoiler
   - ABT mid spoiler
   - Carbon fibre Vorsteiner Style bonnet
   - Osir Quad Exhaust Rear diffuser
   - Customised Rocket Bunny inspired forward and aft wide body kit by Scorpion Motorsports
   - Customised Rocket Bunny inspired front canards and bumper lip extension by Scorpion Motorsports
   - Customised rear bumper and diffuser extension extension by Scorpion Motorsports
   - Customised side skirt extension by Scorpion Motorsports
   - Sonar combination Headlights with DRL function and RGB angel eyes customised by Nightzconcepts
   - Amber undercarriage lights by Nightzconcepts
   - Amber Bonnet vent lights by Nightzconcepts
   - Custom rear reflector LED brake light by Nightzconcepts
   - Roof wrapped Brushed black by Exquisite Technique

   - Front side door and rear panel amber LED lights by Nightzconcepts
   - Amber LED carpets by Nightzconcepts
   - Customised amber scuff plates by Nightzconcepts
   - TP checker TPMS
   - UltraGauge OBD II Scanner

   - Dynamic Performance Engineering (DPE) signature series SL5 20 inch
   - XYZ Sport Spec Coilovers
   - AP Racing BBK CP9040 6 pot 362mm Rotors
   - Bridgestone Potenza S001 (F) and Michelin Pilot Super Sport (R)

   - CTS Turbo TSI Air Intake System
   - Forge Blow Off Valve
   - S3 Intercooler
   - Jetex Sport Exhaust Quad Tip catback exhaust system
   - Stage 2 tuned by Eurosports Performance Tuning

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