Mazda Museum

If you need a dosage of Mazda, this is it.

Date Published: 03 Oct 2013
Mazda Museum

I was a little apprehensive on going to the Mazda Museum in case my friends were bored out by it, but as one of them brought the topic up over a meal, I decided that we should go. It was something I would not regret even though it might have been a last minute decision.

Reservations are required and I took a chance by sending them an email a working day before my intended date of visit. I received a reply on the day itself confirmation my reservation for three and I was clearly delighted. My luck would probably be attributable to the fact that it was the off-peak season and there were a couple of walk-in inquiries who managed to get on the tour as well. The English language tour commences at 10am sharp when a guide would gather all visitors to board the bus for a 10 minutes drive to the museum. You see, the Mazda museum is situated on a private large plot of coastal land owned by the Mazda Motor Corporation themselves where they have retained their roots from 93 years ago. The mini city houses the offices, factory, R&D labs, storage, manufacturing and shipping facilities and employee accommodation all within the privately owned land and this is connected by one of the longest bridges that are owned by a private corporation. The storage facility comprises of multi story buildings that can accommodate 11,000 completed cars that are sent to the private port to be shipped domestically and internationally. A fire station is situated within the premises to handle any emergencies. Beat that!

As reminded by the guide, no photography is allowed between the visitors centre and the museum. While we may be free to viewed out of the coach, snapping any photos out of it was a strict no-no. Perhaps… a RX-7 or RX-9 is in the works and is lurking around.

Mazda MuseumUpon reaching the museum which was build within a factory line, we were guided into the first area with the gift shop and a Mazda Demio, Atenza and CX-5 on display in a Entrance Hall.

The Mazda Museum may not have every single Mazda model ever made but a select range that represents the brand on display at the History Section.

Mazda MuseumUnfortunately, the Mazda Museum is a guided tour only and hence you are not able to stand in front of the Mazda Cosmo to gawk at it for an entire day.

Mazda Museum

One of the most successful cars in the world, the Miata MX5

Mazda Museum

Mazda Museum

I was a little disappointed that the RX-7 FC3S was not on display, but was thrilled to the original SA22 RX-7 and the FD3S RX-7 in the history line up

The original ABCs of the Kei car world which comprised of the Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat and Suzuki Cappucino. A fiery red pristine condition AZ-1 is displayed alongside the FD3S.

Mazda Museum

A wall depicting some of the finest machines in motorsports for Mazda

Mazda Museum

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