Arun Morais

Arun Morais

Chief Video Editor

What do you like to do on the weekends? Go for brunch, hit the town and catch a movie, party the weekend away? That isn’t Arun. He would be on his back, greased stained hands, bruised knuckles and motor oil-stained clothes. Saying that he has a passion for cars doesn’t do him justice. Fiddling with his car over the weekend was never really the wisest thing to do cause the car didn’t end up running. But that is his motto. You need to learn, mistakes have to be made to avoid them in the future.

So after leaving 9tro more than two years ago, his life took a bit of a nose dive. Back into the adult rat race of mediocrity and repetition. It came to a point where he took a leap of faith and left the nightlife scene. The money was good but it wasn’t worth sacrificing his happiness. A month or two later, he got a call from 9tro and he didn’t hesitate to come back.

Arun has always been passionate about all things automotive. When you believe in something, it goes beyond loyalty. What you deem as happiness, Arun finds it 9tro. Now heading the Business Development and Client Relations department of 9tro, the stakes have been raised. Business development is a hard and meticulous sector of any business, but pulling his people-person skills and management training, he will push hard to bring 9tro to the next level.

“Companies come and go, brands go in and out of fashion. 9tro is more than that. It is a lifestyle. It was just an idea, conceptualised by a group of friends that became reality. Giving the big boys a run for their money. 9tro can and will be, a global name in the automotive industry. There is no place else I rather be”.

Last Updated: October, 2016