Barry Tan

Barry Tan

Operations Manager & Photojournalist

Being a people person, Barry is always ready with a smile, he makes friends easily everywhere he goes. Naturally being well trusted by many, he is often being enthroned with responsibilities and trust, that would usually deemed to be seen only between family members.

Having been in the automotive industry for over a decade now, his familiarity with the automotive scene is undeniable. His easy going nature has got him alliances everywhere. He makes friends easily with his generous attitude to all. Nothing is too much for a friend, nothing is too far even for an acquaintance. Giving solutions or lending a hand is a given trait of his.

Having a quick thinking mind, Barry is one who is ever resourceful. Give him a complicated task, and he will manage it so smoothly that will leave you thoroughly impressed. Also having been in the event industry with its endless deadlines, long irregular hours, doing tedious set ups and tear-downs, while having to be creative are all but a norm for him. Barry has to one of the most patient person around, he has the calm mind of a man that many will turn to when advice is needed. He is so well composed, that nothing ever fazes him.

Barry was talent scouted from an automotive show where his capabilities shone through and was offered a job with 9tro very soon after. Being an outdoors and people person, he is extremely ecstatic with his current position. To him, this is a dream job come true. He is doing something he really enjoys, and that said, he will be soaring to greater heights in no time.

Last Updated: September, 2017