2020 9tro Alliance Meet ONLINE (Show Off Edition)

9tro Alliance Meet goes ‘online'! Join our 'car/bike meetup’ and automatically participate in our ‘best looking contest’!

Date Published: 27 Mar 2020
2020 9tro Alliance Meet ONLINE (Show Off Edition)

First published: 27th March 2020

For the first time ever, 9tro will be organizing an ‘online meetup’ catered specifically to enthusiasts! In line with our vision and mission of linking enthusiasts from around the world, this first ever ‘online meetup’ will be hosted on our very own social network 9tro Show Off.

We are also hosting a ‘best looking contest’! Similar to various ‘auto styling competitions’ in real life meet up events, just that this time around, users from all around the world will be voting!

Just like in real life meetup events, even if you are not a car/motorcycle owner, you are welcomed to join in and ogle at some of the nicest looking rides, as well as to like/vote your favourites!

2019 Ducati Hypermotard 950 / 950 SP


Meetup Details

Start: 6th April (Monday) @ 0001hrs [+8 GMT]

End: 19th April (Sunday) @ 2359hrs [+8 GMT]

Location: 9tro Show Off (Timeline/Feed) [Here]

Winning Categories & Prizes to be Won

2020 9tro Alliance Meet ONLINE (Show Off Edition)

Concurrently, we will also be running an online contest for the best looking rides out there! Here are the details and categories:

2020 9tro Alliance Meet ONLINE (Show Off Edition)

*** Please note that scores are tabulated based on this formula:

Total number of posts + total number of likes/votes + total number of comments. With the exception of the ‘Overall Winner’.

How it works:

Step 1:

Sign up (or login) as a 9tro member here!

Step 2:

Take photos of your personal car(s), motorcycle(s) and/or go-kart(s). Remember to edit them nicely! Additional tips & advice here.

Step 3:

Upload them with your 9tro Show Off account between 6th April (12:01am) till 19th April (11:59pm). Kindly note timing listed is based on +8 GMT.

Step 4:

Remember to include #9troAllianceMeetOnline in all your posts!

Step 5:

*Optional: You may post as many photos of your personal car(s) and/or motorcycle(s) as you like, however, it is strongly recommended that you do not repost the same photos.

*Optional: Share your 9tro Show Off posts to Facebook to gain more likes/votes.

*Optional: Encourage fellow enthusiasts and friends to participate, as well as to like/vote/comment on each others’ posts.

2020 9tro Alliance Meet ONLINE (Show Off Edition)

Additional Notes:

  • This campaign is open to everyone everywhere, and is not restricted to any country in particular.
  • Winners will be notified via email & Private Messaging (in 9tro Show Off) within two weeks after the campaign ends. Full time, part time and freelance staff of 9tro, as well as their immediate families, are not permitted to participate.
  • Kindly note our Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer for use of 9tro Show Off.

Have fun and good luck!!!

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