Maria Carina Joy Cañeda

Maria Carina Joy Cañeda

Social Media Specialist

Living the life of a drama queen, Cai has overcame numerous obstacles to be where she is right now. Her life is an open-book to those who are close to her. Since college, all she ever wanted was to work in the media industry. Her first big break came from an internship at a television network in the Philippines. Upon getting her degree in Communication Arts, Cai immersed herself in various industries. She taught Korean kids English, worked as a part time drama teacher at a local church and became a Search Engine Optmization Specialist.

Being an SEO specialist taught her many things, relevant in this day and age where most people are dependent on the internet and their mobile devices to get what they like, need or want. Never did it cross her mind that she would one day re-join the media industry, that is until 9tro came along! Cai also enjoys creating short video clips (and movie snippets) on her cellphone and laptop – having showcased her “talents” at a local church. Though Cai admits that there is still a long way to go in creating films. Writing, producing and directing a movie is definitely on her bucketlist. Cai might not know much about cars, in fact, she does not even know how to drive one, but the quick learner that she is will eventually drive her to do so.

Last Updated: August, 2015