Gerald Tan

Gerald Tan

Head of 9tro Racing & Team Race Driver

Gerald is a petrol head. Friends and family aside, all he thinks about is racing, racing and more racing. His love of cars started from a very young age, where he would play with toy cars for hours and hours without getting bored.

His first real encounter with cars was when he was 10, he got a ride in an EG6 with a huge “DOHC” logo on the side. The VTEC sound intoxicated young Gerald and sealed his love for cars and driving.

Till today, the EG6 is still a legend. His first car was a manual BMW E36 318is Coupe where he honed his heel and toe technique. Lets just say that there wasn’t much of a clutch to speak off after 9 months of abuse. After the BMW, came the STI and his first trip to Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit. His love for racing deepened with his participation of trackdays, 5 lap CCT (sprint races) and time attacks.

Gerald’s racing career started in 2008 where he took part in the 12 hour Millenium Merdeka Endurance Race (MMER) in a Honda Integra DC2R. His team was in first position after 5 hours, it was then where the car started to misfire. The team dropped from first to 10th as they pitted to fix the problem. After the problem was solved, the team fought back brilliantly into 2nd place, then disaster! The engine blew after 11 hours and 54 minutes! Gerald and the team were devastated. A podium chance down the drain.

Since then, Gerald has taken part in two more MMER. He joined Team 9tro in 2010 and helped form the foundational blocks of 9tro Racing by racing with Nexus Racing in the MMER. 2010 also saw Gerald participate with 9tro Racing and successfully clinch Overall Champion in the Singapore Touring Car Championship (STCC), a title he won again the following year (2011). His first podium finish at the 2011 24H Series – Dubai Endurance Race (3rd in Class A4) furthered his belief that greater heights were within grasp.

2012 saw more podium finishes in STCC, but he was only able to clinch Overall Second due to mechanical failures. While time attack wins kept the racing-blood flowing, it was not till the third quarter when Gerald participated in both the 24H Series – Barcelona Endurance Race and Britcar 24H – Silverstone Endurance Race when his thirst for racing was better quenched.

2013 saw Gerald participate and compete in Malaysia’s main Touring Car championship series, the Malaysian Super Series (MSS), every time attack competition (ZeroToHundred Time To Attack & MegaLap Time Attack) for the season; as well as returning to the 24H Series – Barcelona Endurance Race with Team GDL Racing in the Porsche 997 Cup S, where he successfully won 3rd in Class.

2014 saw Gerald compete in the 24H Series – 12 hours Mugello Endurance Race and Spa 24 Hours Endurance Race with Team GDL Racing in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. He also returned to both MSS and STCC.

For more information on Gerald, visit his site here, or follow him on his Facebook Public Page, Twitter and YouTube.

Last Updated: 12th July, 2013