Aiby Timothy Pangan

Aiby Timothy Pangan

Digital Artist (Philippines)

Aiby is a young imaginative artist from the Philippines. Having just graduated with a degree in Visual Graphic Arts from San Fernando, Pampanga, Aiby’s love of the arts and eagerness to learn more motivates him to travel an hour a day from home to school just to quench his thirst for knowledge. The semesters of hardwork have finally paid off at last as Aiby’s dream of becoming a professional Graphic Designer is now a reality!

Aiby is not only a digital artist, he also plays several musical instruments, in particular the guitar and bass guitar. Being musically inclined, Aiby is also a part of a worship team ministry in a Christian Church with his girlfriend for years and it has always been his way of thanking God for all life’s blessings. His diligence has even led him to sell coffee in a public market as a supplementary income earlier on.

Aiby is now the youngest and newest member of 9tro, Philippines! Thanks to a good friend he is now ready to explore the digital world with the organisation and is now a step closer to achieving his dreams!

Last Updated: August, 2015