2020/2021 Asian e-Endurance Series (Season 1)

A full collection of the 2020/2021 entire Championship Season!

Date Published: 02 Nov 2020
2020/2021 Asian e-Endurance Series (Season 1)

2020/2021 Asian e-Endurance Series (Race Season 1)



The fight for championship points heats up as competitors assault the asphalt in China!

AeES Season 1 Round 4 - Zhuhai International Circuit

Embedded: 7 February, 2021



The Asian E Endurance Series starts the new year with Round 3, at the Twin Ring Motegi (Road)!

AeES Season 1 Round 3 - Twin Ring Motegi

Embedded: 11 January, 2021



Round 2 saw competitors battle for supremacy at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand!

AeES Season 1 Round 2 - Chang Circuit

Embedded: 14 December, 2020



An awesome and exciting Round 1 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, with competitors fighting for positions lap after lap! 

AeES Season 1 Round 1 - Sepang Circuit GP

Embedded: 02 November, 2020


Asian e-Endurance Series (Season 1)

1) The Championship

The Asian e-Endurance Series (AeES for short) will Host its first season in November 2020. The championship is the first of its kind on Raceroom, and hopes to attract fierce competitors from all parts of the globe for close but challenging racing. The championship will be based on WTCR 2019 cars, it consists of a maximum 30 Drivers, and will visit 5 Circuits located across Asia from November 2020 till April 2021.

2) Calendar

Round 1
Sepang Grand Prix - 1st November 2020 (Registration start/end: 19th- 25th Oct 2020)

Round 2
Chang International Circuit Full Circuit – 13th December 2020 (Registration start/end: 30th Nov - 6th Dec 2020)

Round 3
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course – 10th January 2021 (Registration start/end: 28th Dec 2020 - 3rd Jan 2021)

Round 4
Zhuhai Circuit Grand Prix – 7th February 2021 (Registration start/end: 25th Jan - 31st Jan 2021)

Round 5
Macau Grand Prix* – 7th March 2021 (Registration start/end: 22nd Feb - 28th Feb 2021)

*Race format will be review

ALL events will be Race 1 = 10 minutes, Race 2 = 30 minutes and Race 3 = 30 minutes long. This season championship is designed to be short but challenging. We want to attract new members and, provided all goes well in 2020/2021.

3) Event Details

All Races will:

- Cars: WTCR 2019
- x1 Fuel Consumption
- x4 Tyre Wear
- Full Damage
- Standing Start
- Weather: Random
- Flag rules ON (yellows/blues etc)
- Incident Point: 30
- Fix Setup
- Set times for Practice , Qualifying and the Race - Times (Singapore/Malaysia/HK Time)

Practice = 1530 Hours (15mins)
Qualifying = 1545 Hours (10mins)
Race 1 = 1555 Hours (10mins)
Race 2 (Reverse Grid) = 1605 Hours (30mins) Race 3 (Reverse Grid) = 1635 Hours (30mins)

4) Rules and Regulations

We will not bore you with a large list of Rules and regulations like in real life. However we do ask you to follow some basic but essential rules when participating in our events at AeES.

- Do NOT block the track, with the intention to cause another competitor to Lose time, Have an accident or Collide with your own or another vehicle.

- Do NOT exceed the track limits or Cut any part of the circuit, with the intention to gain time unfairly against another competitor (the track limit is defined by the outer white lines of the circuit. Any driver who fails to have at least x2 wheels within the white lines is considered to be outside the track limits, and may find themselves open to review)

- Do NOT Ram or make contact with another Competitor with intent to cause that competitor to lose time/position , OR take any action that is deemed reckless, causing any competitor to lose time/position.

- When defending a position, competitors are restricted to making ONE Defensive manoeuvre in order to defend that position. Any Competitor who Blocks in an unsportsmanlike will be report to Race Stewards.

We expect all competitors to follow these essential rules. They not only prevent/discourage actions that could effectively ruin another competitor’s race, but also highlight boundaries, offering a fair system, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

How is it enforced?

If you feel you have been treated unfairly by a fellow competitor, or if you believe a fellow competitor has "cheated". Make a note of the name/cars involved, Lap/Time of the race and chase video footage of the incident, and inform the Stewards Whatapp Group within 30 minutes AFTER the event has finished. Once the Stewards Whatapp Group has obtained the necessary information, they can then review the replay footage and view the incident from several perspectives. Several Stewards will review the replay footage, and will conclude whether or not the actions of the accused warrants further action.

Action Examples (Depending on the severity of the offence) - Warning

- Time Penalty
- Race ban
- Championship Ban
- Full Ban

5) Sign up

You only need to apply ONCE in order to participate in each of the events between the registration date above (First come first serve basis “FIRST 28 ENTRIES”, confirmation email will be sent once AeES have successfully accepted your entry in each round). All applicants are required to provide the BELOW details in order for their application to be accepted by the AeES team, a failure to do so will make their application null and void.

Please email at for further enquires

For Registration click here

- Successful Applicant must join the AeES Drivers Whatapp Group for latest update of each even

6) Declaration of Consent

The Participants agree that their names will appear in live streams and press releases handled by AES, including all pictures, videos and audios. The Participants agree that AES can make and broadcast photographs and movie recordings, on which the winners and participants are identifiable as well as statements, interviews and similar captured on audio and video. AES are entitled to use these recordings.

7) Data Privacy

All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the statutory provisions governing data protection in Singapore. Only the personal data that is required to handle the competition and prize is collected and forwarded onto partners of AES. All employees and partners of AES are obliged by AES to maintain data secrecy. Data is only transferred to state agencies or authorities within the framework of legal regulations. The participant agrees to this. The data is stored after the competition has been carried out.

8) Termination of the Competition

AES has the right to terminate or cancel the competition at its discretion at any time. No claims can be derived from any premature termination. AES has the right to exclude one or more participants from taking part in the competition in the event of any manipulations or attempted or suspected manipulation or if they bring the competition into disrepute.

9) Changes

AES explicitly reserves the right to amend or modify these conditions at any time, with effect for the future. The competitors shall be notified about this at a suitable point.

10) Legal Disclaimer

There is no legal recourse. The law of Singapore applies exclusively and the jurisdiction of AES shall apply in the event of a dispute. If any of the above mentioned provisions in these conditions of entry should be ineffective or contain a loophole, the other provisions shall remain unaffected by this. Ineffective or incomplete provisions shall be maintained with effective content which comes as close as possible to reflecting the sense of the ineffective content.

11) Points

The point system on each race as follows:

1st: 15 points
2nd: 12 points
3rd: 11 points
4th: 9 points
5th: 8 points
6th: 7 points
7th: 6 points
8th: 5 points
9th: 2 points
10th: 1 point

Asian e-Endurance Series (Season 1)

12) Trophies and Prizes

• We have incorporated the points as part of the Prize Money structure
• We are offering Point per Dollar (SGD)
• In AeES Season 1, Prize Money is set at 1 Point = 1 Singapore Dollar
• At the end of AeES Season 1, Prize Money will be transfered to those who have 50 points and above via bank transfer.
• All Prize Money will be deposited as local currency, to the account given by the Participant, strictly and only in the Participant's name, subject to prevailing currency exchange rates at the point of transfer.
• All points in AeES season 1 will not be carry forward for the next season
• We hope that with this approach, it will keep the fight for position both interesting and intense in the long run also making consistency a key aspect to the championship as well as outright speed.
• Physical AeES Trophies and/or Prizes will be presented to the Top 3 winners of each round (by post). Should the top 3 winners share the same amount of points, the final decision will be based on the results for Race 1 position.

Who are we?

We are known as the Asian Endurance Series, in this case, the Asian e-Endurance Series for all Simulation racing events.

What have we done?

• In 2019, the Asian Endurance Series, ran what was arguably the regions most successful corporate Karting Endurance Championship.

• It attracted participants from not only varied occupational backgrounds and motorsports experiences, but it quickly evolved into a regional series with racers from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, China and even Australia.

• Ran over 5 races of 3 hours each, the series visited 3 different tracks of our partners, the X Park group in Malaysia.

• Notable race car drivers like Dominic Ang (ex-Team Petronas GT), Leona Chin, Natasha Seatter, were among the list of competitors. The winning team consisted of upcoming, young sim racers.

What are we going to do?

For 2020, plans were afloat to run an expanded Asian Endurance Series, this time with 6 rounds culminating with a 12hr season finale to be held at X Park Iskander in Johor. Alas, the pandemic has pulled the handbrake on us and pretty much any racing series across the board. Fingers crossed AES will be back stronger in 2021!

The one positive outcome from this pandemic, is it has accelerated our plans of establishing our presence in the virtual racing world.

We are therefore pleased to announce our very own online racing championship, the Asian e-Endurance Series.

What’s unique?

The race format is:

Qualifying: 10 minutes
Race 1: 10 minutes
Race 2: 30 minutes
Race 3: 30 minutes

Race 1 grid is decided by Qualifying results.
Race 2 grid is reverse grid of Race 1 results.
Race 3 grid is reverse grid of Race 2 results.

As you can see, we are set up for maximum racing action for both the participants and spectators. Not only to be fast, drivers need to have a good grasp of race craft to be overtaking or defending their position. In place are also very strict penalties towards unsporting driving with experienced race stewards at the helm.

Prize Structure

The biggest highlight is we are giving out prize MONEY!!! Besides merchandise, prize money is on offer, but not in a traditional way of a fixed amount for a podium place. We are giving out SGD$1 for every championship point scored, therefore the TOP 10 championship points scoring Drivers can potentially walk away with CASH at the end of the season.

Where are we going?

Eventually, we would like to be the best, most exciting and rewarding online racing platform for the competitors, the viewers and last but not least, all the sponsors.

We would also love for the most promising sim racers to be able to transfer their skill sets into the real world of motorsports.

Asian e-Endurance Series (Season 1)


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