James Dungo

James Dungo

Digital Artist (Philippines)

James took a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology because of his huge interest in computer games, animation, photography and video editing. He had stopped college for two years to work and earn his keeps. James became a gym cashier/instructor, a freelance model, and photo/video editor for small businesses. And because of that, he managed to continue his degree course.

James’ interest in animation and graphic started when he watched anime on television. When he was in Grade 3 to 6, he would always draw anime like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Ghost Fighter and Final Fantasy on the back of his note book. Before he took his course, James had already studied how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and PowerDirector. For him, design is important because it gives life, energy, and appeal in our subject.

Aside from being a graphic artist, James also does a variety activities to stay fit, he plays basketball and rides the bicycle. James also enjoys helping other people like building and painting houses, fixing electrical circuits, computers, and motorcycles too. For James, 9tro is a team that you can call a family because they are very supportive, kind, approachable and calm. He is thankful be part of the team!

Last Updated: October, 2016