Nissan GT-R - Philippines’ first Liberty Walk

We feature the winner of 2014 Manila Auto Salon's best of show.

Date Published: 16 Feb 2015
Nissan GT-R - Philippines’ first Liberty Walk

Fresh from our recent assignment of covering two RWB Porsches done up by the man himself, Nakai-san, at Car Porn Racing, our journey took us further down south –this time to Batangas, on the hunt for a particular Liberty Walk-kitted Nissan GT-R. One of the many perks of the job is the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people, come face-to-face with awesome cars, and travel to scenic sites around the country.

Nissan GT-R35 - Philippines’ first Liberty WalkThis time around, my good buddy, Nicoh Roque joined me for the trip and we were fortunate enough to be housed in one of the many premier beachside resorts located in San Jose, Batangas. The Valentino Resort and Spa made our stay a truly memorable one as our meals and accommodation were on the house. Incidentally, Mark the owner of this wonderful resort is also the proud owner of today’s featured car – the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R. Readers might recall this very same GT-R appearing in 9tro magazine previously and also winning the title of best showcar last November at the Manila Auto Salon.

Nissan GT-R35 - Philippines’ first Liberty WalkMark's GT-R story began in 2013 when he contacted Emperor Motorsport Philippines’ (EMP) main man – Dolf Santiago - with the intent of seeking his expert advice on buying a used GTR (with bodykit). After much deliberation, Mark bought a brand new GT-R instead, though at first he did not want his parents to find out about his purchase of this monsterous car. So for eight months, Mark had to use another car to get to his GT-R, which was parked at a friend's garage, from there he would drive the Godzilla all the way back to Manila and vice versa. But with that episode behind him now, Mark can fully concentrate on the transformation of his GT-R.

Nissan GT-R35 - Philippines’ first Liberty Walk

Air suspension allows Mark to slam his GT-R to the ground

Nissan GT-R35 - Philippines’ first Liberty Walk

Nissan GT-R35 - Philippines’ first Liberty WalkMulling over what needed to be done, Mark decided that the stock exhaust system was the first to go, replacing it with a iPE InnotechValvetronic Exhaust System that features three dynamic valve settings allowing Mark's GT-R to go from stealth-like silence to GT-racecar loud at a push of a button.

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