VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring Masters

A local Audi tuner brings two S models closer to the RS experience.

Date Published: 06 Feb 2016
VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring Masters

Audi has been very astute in the positioning of their S and RS variants, offering enthusiasts two levels of engine and chassis upgrades over and above their standard range.

The B6/B7 versions of the S4 used the 344hp naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 motor from the A8, but with the B8 S4, Audi downsized to a lighter and more efficient supercharged 3.0-litre V6.

Despite the loss of 11hp, this 333hp forced-aspirated motor provides 440Nm of torque from 2,900 to 5,300rpm, giving it a much better spread of muscle overall than the 410Nm at 3,500rpm of the five-valves-per-cylinder V8, along with potentially better fuel economy.

Apart from having a more lively character than the old 40-valve V8, the supercharged V6 is also eminently more tuneable, with reliable outputs of up to 425hp possible from the basic intake, exhaust and ECU modifications. As this engine also powers the S5, the owners of both types share a common upgrade path.

This is the story of an S4 and an S5 whose owners have taken their cars a big step forwards toward the output of the current 450hp V8-powered RS4. Significantly, the intake, exhaust and ECU tweaks made to the supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine give it a unique appeal, and the delightful howl of this engine in full battle cry is really quite addictive.

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring MastersAudi S4

A couple of years ago, Jason Yeo, senior manager at a high pressure laminating company, went to visit a client in the Toh Guan Road East Enterprise Hub.

Little did he know at the time how far things would eventually go when he then dropped in on Audi service and tuning specialist, VAG Singapore, who happened to be in the same building.

“I had owned the S4 for over a year at the time, and while it was a nice overall package I was yearning for a bit more in some areas of its performance, plus it also looked a bit too understated,” he recalled.

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring Masters“I noticed that VAG’s co-owners Darren and Eugene were smiling and giving me knowing looks as we discussed these points,” he said. “It became pretty obvious that they had heard this all before from other customers.”

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring MastersGiving the S4 a more purposeful look was easy. VAG Singapore specialise in face-lifting cars using original Audi parts, which they know will fit perfectly. Thus, the S4 was treated to the later style headlamps, and their related ECU re-coding.

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring MastersFor body styling, VAG favour the subtle looks of the Belgian-made Caractere kits and swear by the OE quality of their resilient PU-RIM mouldings. “We don’t like fibre-glass kits as fit and finish is generally problematic and the material also cracks easily if you have a small parking knock,” said Eugene.

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring MastersThe Caractere kit for the S4 consists of new front and rear bumpers and side skirts, and these parts simply replaced the standard ones using the original attachment points.

CarCrafters, VAG’s in-house body shop modified the bonnet with custom vents that help to draw excess heat from the engine bay. Their form follows function aspect also adds to the cars tougher image.

VAG Singapore S4 & S5 - Ring MastersH&R 30mm and 24mm diameter hollow anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles reduce roll to make the most of the wider tyres and the traction of the quattro system. The suspension was uprated with a KW V3 coil-over kit, which offers height adjustment as well as independently adjustable bounce and rebound control.

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