9tro On Demand - Season 1 (Jun ~ Sept 2020)

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Date Published: 24 Sep 2020
9tro On Demand - Season 1 (Jun ~ Sept 2020)

Welcome to Season 1 of 9tro On Demand, a Video On Demand (VOD) lifestyle show created for enthusiasts, curated by enthusiasts. Bite-sized updates designed for all who are addicted to cars, motorcycles, motorsports, and the lifestyle surrounding it all.

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9tro On Demand: Season 1 Bloopers Episode - Our funniest episode till date?

Premiered: 24 September, 2020

Season 1 Finale Episode 12: We check out the definition of a supercar interpreted by Maserati; the world’s most efficient electric vehicle till date by Lucid Motors; the best looking Korean designed by Genesis; a limited-edition Suzuki crotch rocket; sickest ever concept in the form of Knight Vision R, and Part 6 of our ‘Show Off with 9tro’ segment!

Premiered: 17 September, 2020

The epitome of luxury, redefined by Rolls Royce with their all new Ghost. A look at the finest German S from Stuttgart Germany, and an Aston Martin named after a name! This is Episode 11!

Premiered: 10 September, 2020

Reigniting the passion for bona fide cruising, the new BMW R18! Also in this week's show, soaring down the highways with class, the new Bentley Flying Spur; and a look at the latest range of Porsche Panameras!

Premiered: 03 September, 2020

We check out the new Mercedes GLB-Class updated by Brabus, an insanely modified Audi RSQ8 by ABT Sportsline, and the neck-breaking Lamborghini Urus by Hennessey Performance!

Premiered: 27 August, 2020

Sexiest bike since sliced-bread? Spaceship on wheels for Gaia? Full electric Czech behind the curtain? Let's find out - Episode 8!

Premiered: 20 August, 2020

The world's pre-eminent analogue supercar has been unveiled! We also catch up with the duo who are developing South East Asia's fastest growing eSports organization!

Premiered: 13 August, 2020

Most powerful Lamborghini to date? Toyota redefining the pocket-rocket? Professional foam rider on a BMW? We find out in Episode 6!

Premiered: 6 August, 2020

We check out a 1400hp pure-electric Ford, a new Hybrid Maserati, the newest Porsche 911, as well as Part 2 of 'Show Off with 9tro' segment! This is Episode 5!

Premiered: 30 July, 2020

Episode 4 of 9tro On Demand - Meet the most eruptive V8 AMG ever built, an electric powered X, highlights from this year's Bangkok Motor Show, and tons more!

Premiered: 23 July, 2020

Episode 3 of 9tro On Demand - The most powerful sedan in production, a futuristic concept car of the future, our first ever segment of #ShowOffWith9tro, and much more!

Premiered: 16 July, 2020

In this second episode of 9tro On Demand, we check out a new creation by Mansory, the latest Bentley on the market, a recently updated Volkswagen, and much more!

Premiered: 10 July, 2020

In our first ever episode of 9tro On Demand, we check out the newest version of the mighty BMW M5, the latest facelifted Lexus IS, a Lamborghini track-monster, and a whole lot more!

Premiered: 02 July, 2020

A short introduction to 9tro On Demand - A weekly series bringing you all the latest updates and must-knows in the automotive world! Full introduction article: here.

Premiered: 24 June, 2020


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