Introducing 9tro On The Go

‘9tro On The Go’, a new Video On Demand weekly show streaming straight to your TV and mobile devices!

Date Published: 19 Jun 2020
Introducing 9tro On The Go

First Published: 19th June 2020

Singapore - Since the establishment of 9tro back in 2009 and over the course of these past 11 years, we have successfully transformed from being a monthly printed magazine (traditional media) to one that is now entirely online. As the world continues to grow in this Information and Digital Age, we too continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in how content and information is shared and consumed. This is why we have once again shifted gears in how we connect with all of you.

Introducing 9tro On The Go, a weekly Video On Demand (VOD) lifestyle show curated for enthusiasts and all who are addicted to cars, motorcycles, motorsports, and the lifestyle surrounding it all.

9tro On The Go will be split into three main segments.

Firstly, ‘9tro Boost’. This segment will see us dive into some of the latest news in the automotive and motorcycle world. We will also look at motorshows and exhibitions, motorsports both in real life and the virtual realm, as well as some of the hottest products & services on the market.

Next, we have ‘Conversations with 9tro’. In this segment, we will chat with the movers and shakers, captains of industry, key opinion leaders, business owners and influencers. This segment will give you an insight into specific areas that are critical, exciting and forward thinking.

Finally, ‘Show Off with 9tro’. For this segment, we will take a look at what is blowing up online, as we showcase photos or videos posted up onto our very own 9tro Show Off online social network, or posts that have #9tro and #9troShowOff on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Season One is scheduled to air in July 2020, so remember to stay tuned as we bring you bite-size, must-know content, delivered straight to you.

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