Jeremiah Lopez

Jeremiah Lopez

Editor & Country Manager (Philippines)

Jeremiah was exposed to the world of street racing and motorsports at a tender age and thanks to his cousins and friends, who drag race in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines, the thrill of speed was infused in him. When he started college, his father bought him a Honda Civic SiR, the car of choice for every teenage boy in it’s time.

While taking his Bachelor’s degree in Science and Information Technology, Jeremiah still found the time to modify, tune and upgrade his car for street racing in the Philippines, (Take note: We do not condone street racing) and thats where it all started.

After finishing his studies, Jeremiah went to Singapore to carve out a career in the automotive industry. That was the time Jeremiah first started in 9tro, as a Graphic Artist in the magazine, laying out articles, and doing graphic designs. It was a great opportunity for him to be a part or an and coming automotive media brand.

Then in 2013, as technology grew, 9tro then shifted from print to digital targeting the South East Asian region and beyond. He was then assigned to go back to the Philippines to establish and to expand market reach for 9tro. From that point up until now, Jeremiah has unlocked the country’s hidden automotive gems. Covering many different kinds of motorsports from drag racing, drifting and circuit racing to motor shows, test-drives, car meets with new car launches, restored cars, and modified cars thrown into the mix.

Today, Jeremiah covers the automotive scene worldwide. For him, it is the passion for cars, that allows him to enjoy his work to the fullest extent. His journey from an office-bound graphic designer to covering all manner of automotive-related cultures and genres on-site has broadened Jeremiah’s horizons and he will continue to reach for the stars!

It has always been a great ride with Team 9tro!

Last Updated: July, 2017