Moses Tng

Moses Tng

Senior Contributing Photographer & Videographer

Moses’ passion in the automotive scene started at an early age. His dad left him alone to start-up the family car, and Moses being none-the-wiser, left the car in drive and unattended. Thankfully the car didn’t go missing, even if he did get an earful, but that incident got him fascinated and hooked to the world of cars.

Plunging himself into an endless stream of car magazines and photos, Moses was obsessed. He religiously studied the automotive industry harder than he did his national exams, sometimes even sneaking off from classes to experiment with car photo shoots. It was during his school years in 2013, when Moses landed his first car-related gig with 9tro. That opportunity fueled his hunger to improve to be a better photographer, and as time went by, Moses grew to make photography and videography his strengths.

Shooting around the world during his travels with various cars and their owners made him fall in love with cars even more. Being able to drive the different car icons and capturing them was everything young Moses ever dreamed of, so when graduation came by, Moses dropped everything and took the first flight out for his photography assignments, where he took on bigger opportunities from what he was used to.

He’s grateful for the opportunities and his accomplishments so far, but Moses wants to push himself to excel with his works, and one day be able to cover the biggest motorsports events on the planet.

Last Updated: October, 2016