Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Passion, teamwork and drive.

Date Published: 14 May 2019
Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team are racing into the 2019 season with a stronger-than-ever relationship, kept on time by four thrilling new driver’s chronographs of the R.S.19 collection.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Passion, the forward-looking spirit that has driven Bell & Ross’ growth since 1994, underpins every aspect of the partnership between the French-Swiss watchmaker and Renault F1® Team –now into their fourth year of racing together.

It’s all about striving to conquer the extreme, working alongside the most driven talent available, manifest in high-performance mechanical engineering that creates excitement.

This shared passion is sublimated by the men devoted to this mission. The men behind Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team are poised to take the competition to another level this year thanks to a strong new pairing in the drivers’ seats: Nico Hülkenberg (GER) and new signing Daniel Ricciardo (AUS).


Whether it’s taking pole position, or timing a hot lap down to the millisecond, the people behind the cars and watches share a rare affinity.

At the respective headquarters of Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team, two passionate teams are out to conquer time with their precision-engineered machines. The personal and professional stories behind these men of action embody identical values: performance, dedication, technical expertise and courage.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Anyone who follows the sport of F1® knows that the winning formula is always teamwork. It takes hundreds of people to get their two men over the nish line, after all, –and the same goes for exceptional watchmaking. Since 1977, as with the centuries- old Swiss tradition, the engineers and designers at Renault F1® Team have sought velocity through mechanical accuracy and collaborative innovation; they share the conviction that every millisecond counts.

Teamwork isn’t just limited to the individual teams –as Bell & Ross’ R.S.19 watches prove, their respective passion really can cross- fertilize, creating more than the sum of their parts.

To celebrate the perseverance, talent and training needed to achieve the highest performance, a team-inspired campaign will accompany the new collection launch. Daniel, Nico and other extraordinary people will walk the public through the life, ritu- als and preparation of both Renault F1® Team and Bell & Ross teams.

With 2019’s Formula 1® season well underway, Renault F1® Team faces its most exciting opportunity in years. The talent behind the wheel and the technology being harnessed are unmatched. The same goes for Bell & Ross’ R.S.19 collection novelties that are more track-ready than ever.

BR V3-94 R.S.19 & BR 03-94 R.S.19

The Bell & Ross R.S.19 collection races ahead with a pair of carbon-dialed chronographs, color-keyed in keeping with Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg’s steering wheels.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Since the 1960s, the wristworn stopwatch, or ‘chronograph’ has been synonymous with motorsport. Racy aesthetics in combina- tion with precision timing capabilities mean every petrolhead’s hero has worn one.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Shaped by Bell & Ross’ expertise in crafting ultra-functional tool watches for professionals, this year’s Renault F1® Team ‘R.S.19’ watch collection is built on two limited-edition chronographs, t for the uncompromising environment of a modern F1® cockpit. The BR V3-94 R.S.19 and BR 03-94 R.S.19 share the same ‘en- gine’ and styling language, yet are mounted on two differing, equally iconic ‘chassis’. The BR V3-94 R.S.19 sports the classic circular case of Bell & Ross’s Vintage collection –now tuned-up to 43 mm ‘XL’ proportions– and the BR 03-94 R.S.19 features the utilitarian 42mm across square of its Instrument watches.

BR 03-94 R.S.19

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

The similarities start with the highly legible, luminescent di- als: derived from the Renault F1® Team steering wheel color- coding introduced in the R.S.17 collection. This time however, a dial made of F1®’s essential high-tech material: carbon ber. It provides a sleek background to the signature Renault F1® Team yellow and black colors, plus the green, red and orange found on cockpit buttons.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Each model bene ts from a bi-directional timing bezel for ‘on- the- y’ timing, knurled for a better grip while wearing gloves. When things come down to the wire, there’s the high-precision stopwatch functionality of their chronograph mechanics, which can record events to an accuracy of an eighth of a second, over the course of 30 minutes.

The BR V3-94 R.S.19 and BR 03-94 R.S.19 are each limited edi- tions of 999 pieces.

BR-X1 R.S.19

The ergonomic design and ultra-functionality of Bell & Ross’ BR-X1 gets the R.S.19 treatment, making every second count. With every BR-X1 chronograph, Bell & Ross has pushed with the limits of extreme micro-engineering, stripping the movement, dial, case and pushbuttons down to their purest functionality: raw performance at its most uncompromising and streamlined, which is reminiscent of Formula 1®.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Designed as a high-octane race car for the wrist, the BR-X1 R.S.19 has been created for fully functional operation at the wheel: ergonomic ‘rocker’ push-buttons suitable for use with gloves, highly legible dial details colored in keeping with Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg’s cockpit controls and extreme lightweight thanks to the combination of grade 5 titanium, ce- ramic and rubber.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

The square case of the BR-X1 is surrounded by a bumper in micro-blasted ceramic and rubber that acts as a peripheral pro- tective shell. Rubber grip elements have also been integrated into the case to ensure better handling when activating the chronograph’s ‘rocker’ pushbuttons, even while wearing gloves.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

New to the BR-X1 this year is the addition of a ‘time marker’ outgrowth to the dial’s circumferential bezel ring. Following a hot lap, the team back in the pitlane can instantly mark wher- ever the chronograph’s yellow running seconds hand has been stopped, by rotating and aligning its yellow triangle. Following a second lap, the respective times can be instantly compared.

The BR-X1 R.S.19 is a limited edition of 250 pieces.


Taking pole position for Bell & Ross and Renault F1® Team’s R.S.19 collection is a miniature F1® engine for the wrist, turbo-charged by a tourbillon.
Meaning ‘whirlwind’ in French, the tourbillon is the ultimate tune-up in the high-octane world of Haute Horlogerie –and sure enough, Bell & Ross’ Renault F1® Team R.S.19 collection bene ts from the addition of a particularly sporty example.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

Whirring the ticking escapement and throbbing balance-wheel around by 360o per minute, the tourbillon cage at 6 o’clock evens-out the pull of gravity across the movement’s regulating parts, improving timekeeping and reducing friction at certain pinch points: an ingenious invention dating back over two cen- turies.

Like an F1® engine itself, the manufacturing and hand-assem- bling of a tourbillon cage, with a far smaller balance-wheel tone-tune as it rotates inside this cramped space, is an extraor- dinary undertaking. The vision is mesmeric, however –a thrilling showcase of ne mechanical watchmaking. In combination with the stripped-back and highly technical case design of the BR-X1, tted with Bell & Ross’ new lap-by-lap time marker around the bezel and stopwatch chronograph functionality, the R.S.19 Tour- billon is a turbocharged triumph of precision engineering and passion.

Bell & Ross R.S. 19 Chronographs Limited Editions

These exceptional timepieces take the quest for excellence and precision to its apex.

The BR-X1 TOURBILLON CHRONOGRAPH R.S.19 is a limited edi- tion of 20 pieces.

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