2020 Yamaha MT-03

Feel the thrill as a true Master of Torque!

Date Published: 04 Oct 2019
2020 Yamaha MT-03

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The Dark Side of Japan
With the launch of the iconic MT-09 in 2013, Yamaha initiated a brand new era in the motorcycle world. Not only some of the recent best sellers in Europe belong to the Hyper Naked segment, but the Dark Side of Japan philosophy is widely recognized and is a core of a growing community of riders. It symbolizes the strong link with Yamaha's Japanese origins, represents the brand's inborn values of excitement and thrill related to outstanding performance and celebrates the unconventional attitude of the MT riders as true Masters of Torque (MT).

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Hyper Naked and the MT range
With the introduction of MT Yamaha clearly showed the intention to create a new type of motorcycle aimed at riders looking for a new way to express themselves.

This was just the beginning, as the Hyper Naked segment was quickly developed to grow in a range from 125cc through to 1000cc, offering riders the chance to step up in experience and performance through the complete MT line up. High spec models like the sporty SP versions on MT-09 and MT-10, and the MT-10 Tourer Edition, address specific niche customer needs and give further possibility to experience the world. In total, the MT range has sold over 241,000 units in Europe for the last 6 years.

Hyper Naked is in constant evolution and this is evident in the new MT-03. With a radical and aggressive new look and benefitting from advanced new technology and a higher overall specification, it is more MT then ever!

2020 Yamaha MT-03

New MT-03: Dark Lightning
With its sophisticated engine, lightweight handling and true naked looks, the new MT-03 is fully in line with the signature MT family design.

Featuring a radical new look and feel, and equipped with a best in class 2-cylinder engine as well as state of the art suspension for precise handling and outstanding agility, the new MT-03 is the ultimate step-up model for those riders who are looking forward to joining the MT family - as well as being one of the most attractive motorcycles for male and female riders looking for their first full-sized machine.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Aggressive next-generation MT design
MT-09 brought a radical and dynamic look to the streets of Europe. With its naked bodywork, mass- forward design, thrilling linear torque and outstanding agility, the first Yamaha Hyper Naked was an overnight success that proved to be the start of a whole new movement.
Created using the same athletic DNA that has made its 847cc 3-cylinder sibling one of the best-selling Yamaha models of all time, the new MT-03's aggressive next-generation design strengthens its iconic MTlooks.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Dynamic new mass-forward body design
With a unique design that features a 'tightly-packed' look around the engine area, Yamaha's MT models project a forceful and predatory character that marks them out from other models. This mass-forward look is taken to the next level on the new model with the new 14-litre wide-shouldered fuel tank cover and lightweight air scoops that reinforce the strong family links.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight
The 2020 MT-03 is more MT than ever thanks to its aggressive new face featuring dual slant-eye position lights that convey a predatory look and underline the pure MT DNA running through its veins.

While the new dual slant-eye position lights are the main focus of attention and give the new MT-03 a dramatic and menacing stare, the small but powerful LED headlight is positioned centrally and inconspicuously beneath the front cowl assembly. Projecting a brilliant beam of light, this minimalist design gives the new model a unique and charismatic look that reinforces the bike's bold and futuristic style.

Slim and light new LED flashers perfectly complement the position lights and headlight and integrate well in the MT-03's aggressive new style.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Sophisticated 321cc 2-cylinder engine
At the heart of this next-generation Hyper Naked is one of the most sophisticated powerplants in the class, featuring a balanced 2-cylinder configuration that delivers a much smoother feeling at lower rpm compared to some single-cylinder models.

Its high-tech internals include carburized con rods and lightweight heat-resistant forged pistons whose low reciprocating weight reduces vibration and enhances throttle response - and the all- aluminium DiASil cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation properties for reduced horsepower losses.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

New 37mm upside down front forks
One of the most significant technical upgrades for 2020 is the fitment of new high-specification upside down forks that deliver enhanced handling performance during braking, acceleration and cornering, to make the new MT-03 one of the strongest and most exciting performers in the A2 class. Featuring gold-coloured outer tubes and 37mm inner tubes, these new forks - together with the aggressive new front cowl and dual position lights - give this premium lightweight all of the presence and stature of a much larger capacity MT.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Long swingarm with new shock settings
Yamaha first introduced the concept of the extended swingarm on its YZF-R1 Supersport machinery, and the same technology is used to good effect on the new MT-03. Pivoting closer to the machine's midway point, the 573mm long asymmetrical swingarm reduces the variance in the bike's angle with the road surface to give a high level of controllability during braking, cornering and acceleration - and the shock's revised pre-load and damping settings and the stiffer rear spring further refine the bike's overall handling performance.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Lightweight and compact diamond frame
The MT-03's lightweight diamond-type tubular steel frame is constructed to give the optimum balance of rigidity which contributes towards the bike's agile handling and lightweight feel. By mounting the engine as a stressed member, Yamaha's designers are able to keep chassis weight to a minimum, and with the fitment of the new 37mm upside down forks as well as uprated rear suspension, the 2020 model is built to deliver the most thrilling and sporty ride.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Ergonomic riding position
The fitment of a new wide-shouldered fuel tank and revised bodywork has enabled Yamaha's designers to achieve the optimum riding position that enables MT-03 riders to experience the highest levels of comfort and control in different situations. The slim centre section allows the rider to mould their body closer to the bike, and the low seat height as well as higher-mounted handlebars and a compact frame guarantee a natural and ergonomic riding position that creates a special feeling of rider/machine unity.

New high-tech LCD instruments
The next generation MT-03 also benefits from new high-tech instruments that convey the feeling of quality that characterizes this lightweight Hyper Naked. The state-of-the-art meter panel features a negative LCD display with new attractive multi-function design is also more convenient to operate.

2020 Yamaha MT-03

Signature MT family look and high quality finish
With its dramatic new looks, redesigned mass-forward bodywork and new 37mm upside down forks, the MT-03 has the look and feel of Yamaha's larger capacity MT models. From the aggressive new dual- eye face through to the LCD instruments, LED flashers and cast aluminium upper triple clamp, this dynamic lightweight is packed with premium features and advanced Yamaha technology, making it the one of the most sophisticated models in the important A2 licence category.

MT-03 Key Features
   • Aggressive next-generation MT design
   • Dual slant-eye positions lights; LED headlight Sophisticated 321cc 2-cylinder engine
   • New 37mm upside down front forks
   • Long swingarm with new shock settings Lightweight diamond frame
   • Ergonomic riding position
   • High quality big-bike look and feel
   • New high-tech LCD instruments
   • New lightweight LED flashers

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