Hong Tsui

Hong Tsui

Founder & Managing Director

Hailing from the land of a Fragrant Port, Hong has spent an extended period of time in his family’s home town of Hong Kong during his early years. By age 7, he permanently moved and began his primary and early secondary levels of education in Singapore. He then furthered his high-school education in Vancouver Canada, molding and shaping much of the foundation to who he is today. Upon graduation, he once again returned to Singapore and despite an accident during his military stint while training as a cadet in the Officer Cadet School, he persevered on and completed his two and a half years in the Infantry. His tertiary education continued with the National University of Singapore, majoring in an area of passion, International Relations, Political Science. By the end of that route, he further pursued this passion by signing up and successfully completing his Masters of Science in Asian Studies, Political Science by the summer of 2009 with the Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technological University.

People are driven by multiple factors, and above all, passion serves as probably the most crucial element. Beyond the world of political academia, Hong has been noted to have had the ability to differentiate makes and models of cars from a ripe age of three. Passion however, equates to nothing without the proper backing of actual experience. Having spent most of his time at workshops and garages since he got his first drivers license at age sixteen in Canada, his out of school hours during his undergraduate years were mostly clocked helping out as a Marketing Executive at a local garage, effectively strengthening his personal skills and knowledge for both his passion for cars and motorsports. The development of his love for motorsports could be attributed to multiple factors, of which, track racing could be deemed the greatest of all. From test driving on tracks such as ATP (Papenberg) and experiencing joy rides with world renowned racers such as Walter Rohrl on the Nordschleife (Nurburgring) in Germany, to weekend tracking on Sepang International Circuit and Pasir Gudang Circuit in Malaysia, pushing both himself and machines to the brink of extreme on track or any other tarmac awaiting tearing-up serves as his greatest pleasure.

Event management is also another field where Hong directs his passion for. Serving as Publicity Manager for the National University of Singapore’s Political Association during the 2007 Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum (KRMF), valuable lessons were learnt helping him to successfully win the election for the post of Project Director in the following year. Inviting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore to the 2008 event, Hong effectively coordinated and executed an event that set the precedence for all future KRMF events. Overwhelming response from both university students and local media alike helped cast in stone the names of all on his committee.

Having been raised in a traditional Hong Kong family, values such as interpersonal ties, family roots, bilateral relationships and respect for elders, all help strengthen his personal fundamental structure. Exposure to Western cultures was directly experienced during his four year stay in Canada, and as abovementioned, helped further mold his personality and capabilities. This clash of differences failed to create a confused mind, but effectively blended a mixture that finds everywhere adaptable, everyone equal and everything possible.

On the 17th of December 2009, Hong successfully founded the company 9tro Group Pte Ltd (Singapore), and was on his path toward becoming Singapore’s youngest automotive publication publisher. The number 9 symbolizes longevity in the Chinese language, and has since been made his personal goal for the company. In the month of May 2010, the very first issue of 9tro Magazine was published and distributed.

We call it “history in the making”. Hong call’s it “the dawn of a new era”. However, like all things new, it is only through hard work, perseverance, calculation and a little luck, will opportunities be made visible. It is precisely this belief, that will make Hong a servant to the company and the team of people behind it for years to come.

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Last Updated: October, 2015