9tro Show Off - Introduction

The region’s first online social network designed for enthusiasts of cars, motorcycles and all things on wheels!

Date Published: 30 Nov 2019
9tro Show Off - Introduction

Updated: 12th August 2020

What is 9tro Show Off

9tro Show Off is an online social network, created towards realizing our envisioned mission of linking like-minded enthusiasts with their passions.

Designed as a digital-community platform, aficionados can upload photos and videos of cars, motorcycles, karts, e-Scooters, and even eSports/eRacing!


Members may also comment publicly or communicate privately with other enthusiasts.

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How 9tro Show Off Works

2019 Ducati Hypermotard 950 / 950 SP

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, 9tro Show Off was designed to incorporate the best bits from both social media giants. Running on a chronological timeline format, 9tro Show Off was conceptualized to cater specifically to enthusiasts, without the distracting clutter we find on most social media platforms.

Think of 9tro Show Off as a mega meet-up event, where owners and visitors gather to share, celebrate and discuss everything related.

Only difference is that 9tro Show Off is online with no physical boundaries, free-for-use and designed for everyone from everywhere.

9tro Show Off - Introduction

9tro Show Off
for Individuals

It does not matter if you are a vehicle owner, amateur/professional photographer/videographer, hobbyist spotter or enthusiast, 9tro Show Off is designed for everyone passionate and enthusiastic about cars, motorcycles, karting, e-scooters, as well as related categories such as motor sports, motor shows, eSports/eRacing and grid-girls.

- Owners may post up their rides on 9tro Show Off, sharing their pride and glory, regardless of the make, model, age, location or modifications.

- Photographers, videographers and spotters may post up and use 9tro Show Off as a platform where they showcase their works, much like an online portfolio.

Registered users (a.k.a. 9tro Members) are encouraged to share their photos/videos of not just cars, motorcycles, karting, e-scooters, but also from events such as meet-ups, motor shows, motor sports, eSports/eRacing shots, etc...

9tro Members will also be able to follow other members and stay updated on their posts; communicate via the public comments section or private messaging; as well as rate/like posts by other users.

9tro Show Off - Introduction

9tro Show Off
for Businesses

9tro Show Off may also serve as an effective tool for manufacturers and dealers, not just to showcase their latest models and variants of cars, motorcycles, karts and e-scooters, but also to interact and communicate directly with their existing or potential clients.

These benefits also extend to the aftermarket industries as well, including parts and accessories, care and services, etc…, where distributors or shops may post and showcase products they have in their inventory.

Similarly, new or used car and motorcycle dealers seeking to reach potential customers will also be able to benefit from posting up offers and deals.

Event organizers may also leverage on 9tro Show Off as an additional platform to share updates of upcoming events.

9tro Show Off - Introduction


- We strongly advise users to only post up original content and material. This is in hope that there be no copyright © infringement issues, and that our experience with 9tro Show Off may be one that is truly enjoyable.

- We assure all members that we are our best critic and as 9tro Show Off is a never-ending project, we aim to continually improve and upgrade along the way. Please do not hesitate to send us any feedback you may have, we will try our very best to rectify problems and improve. We do however, humbly ask for everyone to allow us time to do so, as we are after all a small team with limited resources.

- While we hope to have minimal interference in 9tro Show Off, any content breaching our principles and regulations will be removed. Kindly read our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers for further information.

- Please also note that 9tro reserves the right to make changes to the format of 9tro Show Off, as well as the right to suspend errant users. This may occur without notice and is exercised only when deemed absolutely necessary.

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9tro Show Off - Introduction

9tro Show Off - a Brief History and Background

Much like the evolution of engines and motors, from internal combustion to hybrids, electric, solar and hydrogen, 9tro too has had to adapt and evolve since we were established in 2009. Core to our belief and philosophy is that unique, relevant and accurate content is vital to a media company. This, alongside our mission to link and bridge not just businesses with their clients, but also enthusiasts with their passions, have continued to fuel us onwards.

The first three years (2009 ~ 2012) of 9tro saw us create from bottom-up an entirely new format in the industry, with our regionally selling and much acclaimed 9tro and BLACK magazines. We never stopped studying industry changes, social behaviour and technological advances, thus resulting in the decision to cease printing our monthly publications and shifting entirely online in early 2013.

The subsequent seven years (2013 ~ 2019) were geared towards expanding our reach and readership, as well as further advancing our brand equity and credibility. As we continued on studying trends, practices and viability, we identified by mid-2015 that the current model for a majority of automotive media companies will not work; and by mid-2016, we began preparations for our next major development, which we are now proud to announce after three years of development.

Welcome to 9tro Show Off, welcome to Team 9tro!

In an age where social media dominates our daily lives, almost as much as our mobile devices, conventional media companies continue to wane in influence, credibility and sustainability. The first and foremost priority for 9tro Show Off is to provide enthusiasts with an online platform to 'show off', but also to discuss concepts, appreciate talents and celebrate our shared passions.

Secondly, as we continue to be force-fed information on social media, 9tro Show Off hopes to allow users a less-cluttered platform for sharing. Here, there will be no photos or videos of your colleague's lunch, nor will there be the never-ending selfies taken in bathrooms.

Finally, 9tro Show Off aims to serve the community as a forum or conduit between enthusiasts from all around the world, with no prejudice.

As we have mentioned earlier, 9tro Show Off as an extension of 9tro, is a never-ending project. We shall continue our push forward to the best of our abilities and expertise. Please continue to support us!

Hong, Tsui
Founder and Managing Director

9tro Show Off - Introduction


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