2020 Triumph Tiger 900

Delivers the most commanding and agile Tiger ride ever.

Date Published: 09 Dec 2019
2020 Triumph Tiger 900

Designed to set a new category benchmark for maximum adventure in every ride, Triumph’s new Tiger 900 is completely transformed with an all-new more responsive 900cc triple engine, an incredible standard of specification, new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology, and an aggressive new Tiger style and attitude. On top of that, the new Tiger 900 range is now significantly lighter than previous Tiger models, making these the most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight adventure bikes available.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

A new name for a whole new generation
    • Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro – Transformed for maximum off-road adventure, and road focused capability and comfort
    • Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro – Transformed for even more urban adventure, genuine long distance travel and everything in between
    • Tiger 900 – The new base road-focused Tiger, with a major step forward in capability and style

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

All-new more responsive 900cc Euro 5 compliant triple engine with innovative new configuration
    • Higher capacity new 900cc triple engine
    • 10% more torque than the Tiger 800 model, peaking at 87Nm at 7,250rpm
    • More power across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range
    • New unique 1,3,2 firing order for greater character and feel
    • Category-leading acceleration
    • More characterful and distinctive soundtrack

All-new benchmark-setting ride from a significantly lighter Adventure bike
    • New lightweight modular frame with bolt-on rear sub-frame and pillion hangers
    • New tailored high specification suspension set-up tuned for maximum road and off-road capability, with best-in-class electronic RSU (GT Pro only)
    • New category-leading top-specification Brembo Stylema monobloc brakes
    • Large 20 litre fuel tank for advanced touring capability

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

All-new state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology
    • New class-leading 7” TFT instruments (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • New integrated My Triumph connectivity system (GT Pro & Rally Pro only)
    • New optimised cornering ABS and optimised cornering traction control, controlled by an Inertial Measurement Unit (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • Up to six riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Rider, Off-Road, Off-Road Pro
    • New Triumph Shift Assist, up and down quickshifter (GT Pro & Rally Pro only)
    • New all-LED lighting, with daytime running lights
    • New secure mobile phone storage with USB charging

All-new aggressive Tiger style with more dominant adventure-focused stance
    • The new benchmark for finish and detailing
    • New premium bodywork with new colours and graphics

Accessible and adaptable
    • A2 license capability via dealer-fit compliance kit (GT & GT Pro, Rally & Rally Pro only)
    • Dedicated Tiger 900 GT Low Ride Height version available with unique suspension and lower seat
    • 20mm adjustable seat height on all Tiger 900 models

65+ dedicated Tiger 900 accessories, adding to your adventure
    • Accessories for added comfort, protection and capability, plus all-new luggage
    • Two new inspiration kits:
           - Trekker kit showcases the accessory options that add even greater touring capability
           - Expedition kit showcases the extensive off-road focused accessories available, including new rugged panniers

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

The world’s longest running adventure bike story
The Triumph Tiger has an incredibly rich history, with a bloodline of dedicated off-road models spanning the last 80+ years. Starting in 1936 with the first Tiger competition models, the Tiger name has played a significant role in establishing the adventure category – from racing, to rallies, and to the birth and boom in adventure travel.

Launched in 2010, the Tiger 800 established a leading position in the middleweight adventure segment with its neutral and precise handling, torque rich triple engine, and accessibility to all riders. And in January 2018, during the development programme for the new model, the ‘Tiger Tramontana’ gave viewers of the gruelling Pan-Africa rally a very early hint of the aggressive new styling and poise of the new Tiger 900.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

All-new more powerful and responsive 900cc Euro 5 compliant triple engine with innovative new configuration
The all-new higher capacity and higher performance 900cc engine is now fully Euro 5 compliant, and has a new unique 1,3,2 firing order for greater character and feel. The result is improved intake noise under load, more feedback from the engine to the rider, an incredibly distinctive engine sound, and improved tractability and throttle feel, pulling harder, lower down. The result of that is a much closer association to the throttle character, sound and feel of a twin lower down, whilst maintaining all the torque, feel and delivery in the mid-range and top-end of a triple.

The new engine delivers a massive 10% more peak torque than the previous Tiger 800 models, now 87Nm at 7,250rpm, with improved torque low down and across the rev range. Power is also up across the entire rev range, with 9% more in the mid-range, and 95PS peak power at 8,750rpm.

Combined, this delivers more responsive acceleration, with 0-97km/h, 0-177km/h and 6th gear roll on times all significantly beating the previous generation model and the closest competition. Additionally, it gives the new Tiger 900 a much more aggressive, raspy and engaging triple soundtrack.

An all-new twin radiator set up is mass optimised with a reduced coolant volume. This improves cooling performance, and reduces the ambient heat felt by the rider. The new radiator style enhances the new models’ more striking adventure bike stance and poise. Its shape and position enable a further forward engine position, resulting in a more optimised centre of gravity (40mm forward and 20mm lower). This improves weight distribution for better handling and low speed balance, whilst other improvements to the sump and cooling system ensure it has no impact on ground clearance.

There’s also an all-new air box with a more easily accessible new air filter, plus a slip and assist clutch for added rider comfort.

2020 Triumph Tiger 900

Significantly lighter, all-new benchmark-setting chassis
Now up to 5kg lighter than the previous generation model, the new generation 900 delivers the most commanding and agile Tiger ride ever. The new steel trellis frame is not only lighter, but now has a modular construction, with bolt-on aluminium rear sub-frame and bolt-on pillion hangers, delivering the most adventure-centric set-up ever for off-road focused riding.

There is a very high specification of suspension across the new 900 range with premium Marzocchi or Showa components tailored to deliver the ultimate capability for the benchmark-setting new middleweight adventure bikes.

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