Caltex opens at Chong Pang City

Equipped with state-of-the-art touch-screen pumps, six fuel dispensers and an eye-catching mural.

Date Published: 11 Jan 2017

Singapore, – It’s rare that a petrol station causes excitement in a community, but a Caltex service station is doing just that in its new North West neighborhood. Conveniently located at the cross roads of Chong Pang and Nee Soon Central communities, the 24-hour site is making an impression with a fresh 789-square meter layout complete with six fuel dispensers and 12 touch-screen pumps, new convenience store, and an eye-catching community mural. Two additional services – a Bosch workshop and tyre bay – are expected by the first quarter of this year.


From left to right: Mr. Shahid Ahmed (Chevron’s General Manager, Products for Singapore), Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (MP for Nee Soon GRC), Mr. Peng Xiaofei (Chevron’s Vice President for International Products, Asia Pacific)


Pay-at-pump facility launched at all Caltex service stations in Singapore


New state-of-art touchscreen at pump island at Caltex Chong Pang


New state-of-art touchscreen at pump island featuring both diesel and petrol products, at Caltex Chong Pang

Speaking at the grand opening, Shahid Ahmed, Chevron’s General Manager of Products for Singapore said that the new Caltex service station was about redefining neighborhood convenience with a strong focus on community needs. “Caltex Chong Pang marks our very first investment in Nee Soon Central and we are pulling out all the stops to offer diversity of choice, added value for money as well as quality products and services.”


From left to right: Mr. Christopher Ho (Station Manager, Caltex Chong Pang), Mr. Malimshah Athan, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (MP for Nee Soon GRC), Samantha Chiang (Mural Artist), Angella Yuen (Mural Artist)

Caltex Chong Pang will pilot a new type of convenience store. Featuring warm wood paneling and electronic displays, products are carefully selected to cater to its diverse neighborhood. This includes an organic food range, health supplements, a sandwich vending machine, a wider toy selection including Tomica and Hasbro products, and a dedicated best value corner. Station manager Christopher Ho leads 18 staff, including a fellow Chong Pang resident, towards delivering on the brand’s signature customer service promise.


Community mural at Caltex Chong Pang

As the new kid on the block, Caltex worked closely with the Nee Soon GRC, Chong Pang and Nee Soon Central constituencies for a deeper insight into their immediate community needs. In the process, a mixed media mural was realized and commissioned in appreciation of the neighborhood’s rich history. MP for Nee Soon GRC, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim unveiled the collaborative artwork and said, “The mural is a tribute to our vibrant community’s past, present and projected future. The tiles paving the centerpiece bear signatures from neighbors, which is a symbolic nod to how integral community support will be to Caltex’s long term presence. As with any new resident arrival, I look forward to learning of Caltex’s progress, and appreciate the active interest towards supporting our neighborhood’s needs.”



The service station will continue to respond to community feedback regarding areas of improvement, including the search to honor a deserving community cause. The latter is a local initiative titled “Fuel My Community”, which pledges to channel proceeds of up to $5,000 from selected items purchased at its Star Mart towards a charitable cause driven by public nominations and votes. Voting ends September 30 2017, and can be accessed via

Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd markets the 81-years young Caltex retail brand. Caltex recently launched its best petrol yet, with the introduction of an improved additive package – Techron with Clean & Glide technology. The new formulation is available across all petrol grades, supporting a more reliable motoring experience through enhanced engine protection, improved fuel economy and maximized power with continued use over time. For more information, visit