Cherise Lai – Power Personified

We shine the spotlight on the irresistible Cherise Lai!

Date Published: 16 Feb 2017
Cherise Lai

Fully-specced drift machines are a rarity here in Singapore; an actual Nissan Silvia S13 Convertible (check out the full-story here) built to those specifications is even rarer. Thus, when Perfect Power kindly offered us an opportunity to feature their sideways monster, we knew a model would surely be needed just to turn up the temperature!



Now if you find the girl spread across the next few pages vaguely familiar, you should, as the last time we saw her was at our recent 2016 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore, where she was one of our 9tro Angels.

Anyway, we would like to formally introduce to you our readers, Cherise, whom we felt was the perfect model that embodied the attitude and personality befitting the S13. Right after the shoot, we managed to catch up with Cherise and popped her a couple of questions that we have been dying to ask.



9tro: What inspired you to be a model?
Cherise: I’ve only been in this industry for slightly more than a year. Well, being a model is not as easy as it seems and I like challenges! So here I am now.



9tro: If you were not a model, what other profession would you have considered?
Cherise: I guess I’d go back to being an accountant as I majored in that. Or I can say, I don’t really have much choices to choose from. *(laughs)


Cherise Lai

9tro: Describe your ideal partner.
Cherise: The most important thing, he must be tall. Taller than me of course. I’m standing at 1.72m so it’s gonna be hard to find. Actually, it’s really all about the feeling. The chemistry between two people. So I guess, I can’t really say much about that? I will let fate do its job!



9tro: Any pet peeves or love when it comes to food?
Cherise: POKKA GREEN TEAAA!!! I think anyone who knows me knows that I love Pokka green tea. I have a bottle of that everywhere I go. (I know it’s very unhealthy to drink but I can’t help it!) It just taste so good! I don’t take mushy food like sea cucumbers, pig skin etc. There is a strange sensation to it that I just can’t…



9tro: Tell us something wacky about yourself.
Cherise: I’m just weird as I am. Don’t have to explain further. Period.

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