2017 Tokyo Auto Salon – Part 3 (Models)

To conclude our three part TAS coverage we definitely needed to dedicate one just for the girls!

Date Published: 17 Jan 2017
2017 Tokyo Auto Salon - Part 3 (The models)

Over the years, the “Race Queens” also known as models, have become a phenomena that attracts lots of hardcore fans to races, car shows or other automotive-related events.

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-47

The Tokyo Auto Salon, with its countless booths and even more ladies hired for the occasion is THE event the “kameko”, these weird Japanese men following the girls absolutely everywhere all year long, would never miss this extravaganza for anything in the world!

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-45

Unfortunately it has escalated to an extent that has become rather annoying, or just downright disturbing. Mind you, some of these guys actually got a special ticket to be there on opening day just to sell close-up photos of the ladies on Yahoo auctions the very same evening!

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-46

Its no surprise that with their increasing number, these ‘people’  have become a real source of annoyance for professionals and journalists. To be honest, we simply gave up shooting certain models because of the massive crowds gathering around them, rendering access to the girls almost impossible.

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-44

However, fear not as we were still able to take lots of pictures for you to enjoy!

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-4

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-12

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-2

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-32

2017 TAS


2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-14

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-20

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-10

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-16

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-18

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-30

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon-27


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