Dodge Van Ram 150 – Semper Fidelis

We again visited the Makigaya Base where we discovered a very unique Dodge Ram 150 Van.

Date Published: 08 Dec 2015
Dodge Van Ram 150

In Makigaya, Japan, there is a strange place, built out of shipping containers. These are typically used as support schools for local kids, but much to our surprise we came across one being used as a garage, complete with a hydraulic ramp, while we were shooting a very special Toyota Trueno AE86 a while back.


The owner of this particular garage, Okuno-san is a real enthusiast as hand builds cars and one off parts, plus he had something really cool installed for us.


This Dodge van, at the time of purchase by Okuno-san, was in rather poor condition and it took a significant amount of effort and time to restore giving it its current distinctive appearance.


As the garage itself was partially inspired by army bunkers and military ships, it seemed appropriate that the Dodge received a coating of army green paint and military-style rivets.


To add to the style, the paint job also included fake corrosion stains.



In keeping with the military theme, protector cages were fitted to the head and tail lights.


Normally the exhausts are diverted to rockets mounted on each side of the van but Okuno-san recently replaced them with a one-off stainless steel unit made specifically for this van.

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