Honda Collection Hall

Located at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, 9tro travels out of Tokyo to check out some fine Hondas.

Date Published: 10 Aug 2016
Honda Collection Hall

It took three trips to Japan before I had the chance to visit the Honda Collection Hall. I had put off the idea on the first trip as it was a rather daunting four hour train ride from Inner Tokyo. The second time round I could not bear to drag four friends who no interest in automobiles to this Honda haven. My third trip to Japan though; which I posthumously dubbed the ‘Geek Trip’ – was the one, where I finally got the chance to schedule a visit to one of the finest collections of Honda vehicles in Japan, or perhaps even the world.






In the Honda Collection Hall, there are approximately 300 restored motorcycles, automobiles, racing machines and other exhibits on display for visitors to embrace the evolution and success of Honda. Paying an entrance fee of just JPY1,000 (or SG$10 accurate as of 10th August 2016) grants you access to the grandstand of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, gift stores and other attractions on-site, including the Honda Collection Hall.

So what do you get out of all this? Perhaps this?



Honda RA272 – This racer is the same model as the one which won Honda’s first Formula One at the Mexican Grand Prix.
Or this?


The Mugen Motul Honda Civic SI

Or perhaps one of these?


Don’t know any of the three? Then you are definitely no Honda-fanboy.


Or a Denso Toyota 89C-V from the special ‘Back to the 1990’ display!

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