Been there, Vaune that

9tro catches up with the 2016 Bike Expo’s ambassador, Vaune Phan!

Date Published: 03 Aug 2016
Been there, Vaune that

Singapore: If you are into bikes you probably must have heard of Vaune Phan, or as we here at 9tro would term – the biker chick who rode all the way from Singapore to Mount Everest alone! Does that ring a bell? Seeing which the 2016 Singapore Bike Show is just two weeks away, we caught up with Vaune and her bikes and found out just a more about the show’s brand ambassadors and her passion for anything with two-wheels.

Been there, Vaune that

9tro: How did you become the show’s ambassador?
Vaune: The organiser shared that they picked up the news of my strong passion for bikes and my recent trip to the Himalayas hence they felt that my personality was appropriate to represent a bike show.

9tro: How has becoming the ambassador changed your life?
Vaune: It’s been great as I am given the opportunity to reach out to more people who share their passion for motorcycling too.

Been there, Vaune that

9tro: What do you hope to achieve by being the show’s ambassador?
Vaune: I hope to be able to do my part in changing the evolution of South East Asia’s motorcycling culture, and continue to spread the message of pursuing your dreams.

9tro: What do you like most about the upcoming bike show?
Vaune: I’m already excited that there is even such a bike show coming up as Singapore’s motorcycling scene has been too quiet for too long.

Been there, Vaune that

9tro: How would the bike show benefit the public, riders and bike enthusiasts?
Vaune: As there are many different organisations and brands participating, people can benefit from learning about safety concerns in motorcycling, new bikes on the block, and also its a good opportunity to share and celebrate every individual rider’s passion for the sport.

9tro: Any plans for future bike shows?
Vaune: My interest is definitely registered.

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