Authorised Bilstein Dealers’ Interview

We spoke to several garages in Singapore on their experience with Bilstein Suspension.

Date Published: 21 Dec 2016
Authorised Bilstein Dealers

We all have seen various advertisement campaigns from notable automotive suspension brands each proclaiming that their coilovers are the best and so on, but have you ever wondered what do the people in the scene, in this case, the garages themselves have to say about Bilstein suspension?

During our recent 2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow as we made our way visiting the various workshops and garages, Team 9tro also took the opportunity to ask the bosses and managers, or head mechanics on their experience with Bilstein Suspension. Their answers were enlightening to say the least and stand as a testament to the durability, reliability and performance of Bilstein’s OEM and performance range of shocks and coilovers. Let’s see what they have to say!

Jake, Autokinetics
I have been dealing with Bilstein Suspension for three to four years now and before that I was taking Bilstein Suspension from the stockist before I got to know Race Flow International. Bilstein Suspension are durable, comfortable and reliable, we sell a lot of B8s, B6 replacements and once in awhile we would sell B14s and B16s. The most common cars that come in to switch to Bilstein tend to be Volkswagen Golf GTIs, Audi A3s, occasionally we would get Audi A4s, A5s and BMW 3 Series. You just got to get a set of Bilstein Suspension to try on your own car and you would know the difference!

Bilstein Autokinetics-5

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Rex, KBS Motorsports
We have been selling Bilstein Suspension kits ever since we started nearly a decade ago. Personally I find Bilstein shocks to be not bad, they are very versatile, even when your vehicle is lowered, it still maintains a lot of practicality and still very useable. We sell mostly B6s, B12s for popular models like the F10 BMW 5 Series and Porsches etc. When it comes to cars, safety should always come first, whenever you feel like your car is not handling properly, it is a sign that you should get your suspension changed – so of course the first choice would always be Bilstein!

Bilstein KBS Motorsports-1

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Edmund, LTM Performance
LTM has been selling Bilstein Suspension for over 10 years now, and our customers and myself feel that the kits are really good and very reliable. Over here, the B12 is the hottest selling coilover kit from Bilstein and we see a lot of BMWs and Mercedes-Benz owners coming in to have their original shocks changed to those from Bilstein. If you do have any problems with your car’s suspension do come over and we will do a free check and recommend the best solution for your vehicle.

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Chris, Speed Haus
I think we have been selling Bilstein Suspension for about eight to nine years ever since we first started. Feedback on the shocks so far have been very good, pretty stable and reliable, I always market it to my customers as a good factory stock replacement. For now, our hottest selling model is still the Bilstein B6, mainly for the BMW F10s (5 Series) and Mercedes C and E-Class being very popular too. Bilstein Suspension is proven, I use it too and that says a lot about the shocks!

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Leonard, Syncrowerkz
We have been selling Bilstein for about two years now, its a good product! On the product itself, Bilstein has a motorsport heritage, hence everything is very well-built, cars that come in for the B16s – those are very well balanced. In terms of service and support from Bilstein Singapore, I think its excellent. Most of our cars that come in are mostly streeters, they just want to look good but they don’t want to do motorsports, hence the B6s, B8s and B12s are our fastest moving models.

Bilstein Syncrowerkz-1

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We get Volkswagen Jettas and Golfs at that range coming in most often to switch to Bilstein Suspension. Here at Syncrowerkz, we keep our customer’s cars running well, with Bilstein it helps to give them a smoother ride and that’s all we pretty much want for the 10 years of car ownership here in Singapore. We keep them running, we take care of them, take care of their cars, if they need something more, like motorsports, we can give them that edge on track as well.

Eugene, VAG
Its coming to three years now since we started selling Bilstein Suspension, feedback has been very positive with the least come-backs for suspension problems. The B12s and B16s are our most popular models for Audi A4s, A5s, S4s, S5s and Volkswagen Golfs MkVI and Sciroccos. You can’t go wrong if you drive an Audi or Volkswagen when you come to VAG, this is the place to go to!

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