Akrapovic Factory Visit

9tro flies to Slovenia for an exclusive tour of the critically acclaimed exhaust maker’s massive facilities.

Date Published: 05 Feb 2016
Akrapovic Factory Visit

Sometime at the end of last year, during our trip to cover the 2015 Essen Motor Show in Germany, we took a little detour and flew into the tiny nation of Slovenia surrounded by countries like Croatia, Slovakia and Austria. Now Slovenia might not have any car manufacturers but its has one thing that it is famous for in the automotive industry on a global level – Akrapovic; and that was the reason we were there, for an exclusive tour of the massive exhaust manufacturer’s two factories.

9tro_020516_021611_Factory HQ (2)


Now for those who are not in the know, Akrapovic is the current market leader in premium exhaust systems for motorcycles and high-performance cars. They also pioneered the innovative usage of titanium and super alloys as well as being at the cutting-edge of carbon-fibre components. As such, Akrapovic quickly became world-renowned for increasing the performance of whichever application it is applied to, as well as for their unmistakeable sound, innovative design, lightweight construction, quality workmanship and durability.

9tro_020516_021744_Carbon (3)

9tro_020516_021729_TIG welding



At the core of the Slovenian-based company’s success are over 800 dedicated and highly trained people behind the brand, whose boundless skill and passion are what drives Akrapovic’s vision – to be leaders in high performance exhaust system solutions while demonstrating excellence in innovative titanium technology. Akravpovic operates from two state-of-the-art factories in Slovenia, which includes their very own on-site titanium foundry (the only exhaust manufacturer in the world with their own titanium foundry), high-tech metallurgical laboratories while employing the latest in production technologies. Akrapovic is distributed in more than 80 countries across five continents.

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