Titan Bike Slider

A smart solution to big bike parking.

Date Published: 23 Dec 2016
Titan Bike Slider

For those of us who are big bike fans, having  just one bike is never enough. This is especially so if you live on landed property and have the luxury of your own parking space. Collectors will easily over a few bikes and proudly store them in their garages, taking one out for a ride whenever they fancy.

But as with all big bikes, moving them around inside garages can be quite an exhaustive experience. That is where the Titan Bike Slider comes in! A smart solution to big bike parking that allows the rider to easily store and manoeuvre their bikes out of any space without ever breaking a sweat.

Titan Bike SliderThe Titan Bike Slider is the ultimate tool that helps in moving your big bike around so as to maximise parking space! The best part about the Titan Bike Slider is how easy it is to assemble and use, upon assembly, simply put your bike’s rear wheel and stand onto the Titan Bike Slider, unlock the slider’s wheels and this would allow you to move your bike easily around the parking surface.

Titan Bike SliderOnce you have moved the bike to the desired spot, simply just lock the slider’s wheels and you are done! For added security, the Titan Bike Slider features a rear wheel security lock for the ultimate in anti-theft protection. But that’s not all, the Titan Bike Slider is also built strong and highly durable using high-quality materials.

Titan Bike Slider

Titan Bike Slider

Titan Bike Slider

Titan Bike SliderIt features a 6mm high-grade steel structure for maximum strength and is coated with Line-X Protective Coating for the ultimate in durability. The slider’s wheels are also made from a top-quality twin-wheel construction on each end to ensure flawless usage any time and every time!

Connecting the various parts are stainless steel knots and bolts that keep away any forms of rust so that the Titan Bike Slider will always look as good as new regardless of humility or weather. The Titan Bike Slider is available in two sizes one for Japanese and European big bikes and another for American and larger big bikes.

Titan Bike Sliders are also covered by a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind! For more information and enquires on Titan Bike Sliders, do contact our local dealer, Race Flow International at

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