Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet

The 9tro Philippines team went to the North-side to check out these JDM legends.

Date Published: 07 Dec 2016
Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet

Philippines – Team 9tro was invited to witness the Nueva Ecija Auto Club (NEAC) car meet that was taking place in one of the newly opened malls in the province of Cabanatuan. A monthly gathering with a purpose, the cars started arriving from 5.00PM onwards, occupying the whole frontage of the mall attracting a lot of attention from everybody.

The main objective of this meet was to allow enthusiasts to connect and network with one another, which we believe also serves as a marketing campaign for the newly opened mall. Now Cabanatuan is better known as an agricultural province and having a car club meet-up of this scale was definitely new to us, thus we wondered how did they first started and from there on out; rapidly grew in numbers.

First off, the Nueva Ecija Auto Club started these gatherings because many of the Cabanatuan people are into cars, some of them are even seasonal race drivers. As such, part of the mall was opened up just for the car enthusiasts. The main objective was of course to build up the camaraderie in-spite of having several car groups, the organisers wanted to unite Cabanatuan car enthusiasts. This meeting was not only for the drivers to gather or chit-chat either, it was also to promote safety driving techniques and how to drive responsibly as Cabanatuan roads consists of long stretches of roads, which makes it’s very tempting to race or speed.

What does car guy do in a car meet?
The team had just came back to the Philippines from our 2016 9tro Alliance Meet in Singapore, and I’ve noticed one thing, car owners love to bring their precious cars out just to show them off. When we say showing off, it is not about bragging the modifications or aftermarket parts, it’s about showing the hard work and dedication to their cars, in fact in my opinion if your car is over 10 years old or so, even if its stock, as long as its mint clean, it still rocks! Others may drop by to speculate, take photos, or mingle. But if you are a true enthusiast then it will all be about one thing – passion.

JDM collections from Cabspeed were also around, from a rare Honda CR-X EF8, to a sexy looking Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9, to an insane looking Honda S2000. A big group of Subaru boys also came down to the event and made their presence felt through sheer numbers. The event lasted until midnight, and we grabbed the opportunity to capture every moment. So feast your eyes on the hot cars from last month’s NEAC Meet!

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-143

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-198

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-207

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-210

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-107

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-113

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-213

Nueva Ecija Auto Club Meet-46

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