2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow

9tro joins Bilstein for their fourth annual roadshow!

Date Published: 07 Nov 2016
2016 Bilstein Roaming Roadshow

Spread across three days, from the 24th to 26th October 2016; the Bilstein Roaming Roadshow covered the entire island, allowing us to spread the word about Bilstein suspension, meet old friends and making new acquaintances. Joining us for the fourth year running as well was Mr. James Tan, Agent and Brand Manager for Bilstein in the region. With the event coming to a conclusion, we asked James about his thoughts on the roadshow.

9tro: What are your impressions after wrapping up the fourth Bilstein Roaming Roadshow this year?
James: This fourth roadshow certainly cemented old relationships and built further support from customers. It is evident that the Bilstein brand recognition is strong with many good feedbacks for the brand and product. The decision to bring a message with this year’s roadshow was also warmly welcomed and sparked some good discussions. All in all, I feel that the Bilstein brand has moved another notch up in our progress with customer relationships being constantly and solidly built. This is what is important for us – progress!
9tro: What were the differences between this year’s roadshow as opposed to previous years?
James: During the initial years, a variety of objectives were outlined and deliberately executed. Example, the first year was focused on brand recognition, followed by product range and then onto suspension technology like mono-tube versus twin-tube etc. This year’s show focused on a specific issue regarding market concerns and confusion.

End-users have been asking about re-conditioned parts and these products have made their way into the market seeking to displace the low segment of the market based on competitive pricing. Our efforts to address the dangers and safety issues with such products were warmly welcomed by the market as we had put together some materials for the workshops to address and explain these critical points to their customers. This empowers the workshop to be confident in advising their customers and in turn adds value to the industry. Differences? – greater satisfaction would be it.

9tro: Has there been any new developments between the workshops and garages visited?
James: There have certainly been developments on every level. From distributors to workshops and even car-owners. It is evident that the market in general – workshops and car owners – are increasingly knowledgeable. The exponential growth in knowledge is unstoppable. In the face of more highly engineered cars, workshops and car owners are also upping their game by keeping track and learning more about the developments.

The brand recognition for an Original Equipment (OEM) supplier like Bilstein coming up so strongly attests to this fact. It is thus, Bilstein’s purpose to all grow this knowledge together with all our stakeholders as the market will only get more challenging. It is obvious and clear to me that workshops and garages that continue to learn and adapt and find ways to survive are the ones that will do well in time to come.

Four successful years in a row only goes to show the popularity and effectiveness of the Bilstein Roaming Roadshow, but Bilstein Singapore is not stopping here, as we are already working on the 2017 edition. Remember to stay tuned to our official Facebook page for more information coming your way! In the mean time, meet the dealers and workshops who are not only professionals at what they do, but also proud members of the [Bilstein] family here in Singapore!


With Edmund, Alvin and the guys from LTM Performance.


We caught up with Eugene and Darren from VAG Tuning & Performance.


With the guys from Ole Motorsports.


We popped by Syncrowerkz to say hi to Leonard and the guys.


We paid Andy of Goldbell Toh Guan a visit.


Next up was KBS Motorsports where we caught up with Rex.


We met the boss of Hin Lung.


B’s Performance was next on our list.


Arry from Maximus Racing gave us a warm welcome!


Our last stop for Day 1 was GP Automotive.

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