2016 9tro Alliance Meet presented by Bilstein

Over 400 cars and a 1,000-strong crowd turned up for the biggest ever meet organised!

Date Published: 07 Dec 2016
2016 9tro Alliance Meet presented by Bilstein

Singapore – Just six weeks was all it took for the team to organise the 2016 9tro Alliance Meet presented by Bilstein. From the initial planning and preparation to the confirmation of our venue and finally to the eventual setup, it would not be possible without a massive team effort from not just our fellow colleagues and trusted vendors, but most importantly, you guys, our readers and everyone else following us on social media – who turned up in droves to support the event!

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Team 9tro wishes to thank everyone that turned up during our meet, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and you can definitely bet we will be back with an even bigger and better one next year!

Anyway, back to the meet that happened on the 27th of November 2016 at the Grandstand. After a two-year hiatus, with 9tro’s last Alliance Meet also happening at the same venue, we were back in familiar territory but on a different side, as 2014’s Alliance Meet was held at the open-air parking premises on the opposite end of The Grandstand, with the booths being on the other side.

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Many attendees then gave us feedback that the separation between the booths and Alliance Meet was a little dis-jointed. Thus, this time round we decided to open up the two parking spaces on either ends of our booths to everyone! Learning from past experiences, parking spaces for cars that came were strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis so that everyone could get a chance to display their rides right smack front-centre.

9tro Alliance Meet_70

We deployed a battalion of marshalers who did a magnificent job of ensuring everyone got to their parking spots easily and quickly too – big shout-out to our crew there! In all we counted over 400 cars that streamed in throughout the day from 2.00PM till 8.00PM with hordes of drivers, families and friends in tow, eager to catch up with one another and check out the cars and wares!

Speaking of booths, the 9tro Alliance Meet presented by Bilstein had a myriad of vendors that added a different dimension from your usual carpark meets. Starting with Bilstein Singapore that were on hand with their Bilstein models plus suspension systems! Participants also got to learn a little more about the technical details when it comes to dealing with vehicle shocks and dampers thanks to the helpful Bilstein-staff who were ready to lend their expertise on site!

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Beside Bilstein were Hankook Performance Tires who also had the ever-popular Hankook RS3 tyres on display. Sharing the same booth was also Titan Bike Slider, first seen in Singapore during the 2016 Singapore Bike Show; we had our 9tro bike mounted on the Titan Bike Slider to show its versatility in storing bikes allowing users to easily move their bikes around in small enclosed spaces.

Situated just to the right of the Hankook booth was of course the 9tro Alliance store that was not only selling our limited edition merchandise like T-shirts and caps but also had a bevy of our 9tro Angels and our Toyota MR-S display car. But that wasn’t all, as a special treat to attendees to the Alliance Meet, we were also giving out limited edition special 9tro sticker packs, the first of its kind. Needless to say, the sticker packs were a huge hit with nearly everyone scrambling to get their hands on one.

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