The Present

9tro Group shifts gear from conventional print-media to contemporary digital-media...

Date Published: 01 Mar 2013

The Now

As outlined in ‘The Past’, the company has reinvented itself as an online-media, with our web-portal’s soft launch on the 31st of January 2013. While the shift to full digitalization was not an easy decision to make, it was an inevitable one. Since the advent of the internet, lightening speed communication has allowed communities world wide to interact instantaneously. This fact, when linked with technological advancements and innovations in both hardware and software has pushed us (as a company) further into the digital realm.

No longer are we bound by the logistical and physical handicap of the print-media, plagued with ever-rising production costs and environmentally unfriendly realities. It is here (digital) where the new battlefield has been created and we have since moved on with the times.

A media’s primary role in society is to provide accurate and updated information to their followers. As a niche media focused on the automotive industry and in a world where content is king, the importance of captivating features becomes clearer. Since we are about speed, as much as power, performance and capabilities, this reinvention has seen the company gain new heights in effective information sharing and dissemination.

Rebranded as 9tro Alliance, this web-portal aims at providing the same awesome content loved and desired by fans of both 9tro Magazine and BLACK Magazine. While we will continue to share features and content from around the world into Asia, we also aim to share with the rest of the world what Asia has to offer. Specifically, South-East Asia. Our social media platforms such as our Facebook page has surpassed all expectations and has since mid-2013, established itself as the region’s strongest.

Launched during the second quarter of 2013 (at the inaugural Tokyo Auto Salon – Singapore exhibition), the Alliance by 9tro online shop has been providing quality, interesting and functional merchandises to our triple-Fs (fans, followers and friends). Given the advances in technology, our online shop makes it possible for our triple-Fs to make purchases from all around the world at any time and on any day. Furthermore, it provides collaborating partners with an added platform to market and promote their products, effectively building a win-win scenario for both businesses and consumers.

Our ‘Media Division’ saw expansion beyond the strongholds of Singapore, Malaysia and Europe (the latter continues to be headed by world renowned automotive-journalist Dr. Ian Kuah). The third quarter of 2013 saw us enter the Philippines, while the first quarter of 2014 saw us re-enter Japan, two crucial markets for car manufacturers, tuners and most importantly our triple-Fs. Such expansions further solidifies our brand equity, all the while allowing for stronger networking between businesses and consumers within the region. Furthermore, to improve diversity, quality and quantity of content made available on our web-portal and various social medias.

Our ‘Events Division’ has also stepped it up a notch, effectively organizing track days for both clients and general consumers (such as private events for car manufacturers and workshops, and open-to-public events such as 9tro’us Track Day); successfully organizing both static and roaming roadshows on behalf of our clients, adding tangible value and returns to their advertising and marketing campaigns; as well as our quarterly organized meets and shows (such as 9tro Alliance Meet and 9tro’us Arena), which has been advantageous for consumers, our clients and the automotive industry as a whole.

Early 2014 witnessed our return to the realm of print-media, with the launch of our first ever hard-cover coffee table book titled 9tro BLACK Edition (Vol. 1). This limited-edition is the first of a series and will be produced and published annually, loaded with exclusive content which will continue to stir emotions and passions for years to come.

‘9tro Racing’ (previously ‘Motorsports Division’) has also made deeper in-roads into the competitive sport of FIA regulated motor-racing. Led by Singapore’s very own Gerald Tan, we have competed in regional sprint races (such as the Malaysian Super Series) and international endurance races (such as 24Hours of Silverstone, 24Hours of Barcelona, 12Hours of Mugello and 12Hours of Sepang). Such participation serves to broaden our global understanding and knowledge of the motorsports industry, allowing for better content abilities by our ‘Media Division’, while furthering our brand positioning and exposure.

Support for local and regional motorsports, exhibitions and other automotive related events will also continue to be apparent with our participation and involvement. Together with effective marketing and leveraging on the vast wealth of experiences gained, the company will continue to strive hard towards achieving its never-ending goals.

Published On: 1st March 2013
Updated On: 26th August 2014

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