The Future

9tro Group plans for the future...

Date Published: 01 Mar 2013

The Future

“The future is unknown, but that should never stop anyone from planning ahead. With our goals and targets in sight, the path and trajectory set, all that remains will be to persevere onwards.” – Hong

With the web-portal effectively launched in the first quarter of 2013, the company has began its development on a mobile app. This mobile phone app (slated for launch in early 2014), willl be designed to increase the connectivity of enthusiasts, and to strengthen the interactivity between 9tro Alliance and its linked communities. The ability to push content and disseminate information will allow fans and followers to be kept up-to-date on the latest information and trends, while allow businesses and clients to increase the viewership of their marketing collaterals.

The company will also see an expansion into Philippines and Thailand, securing further the brand equity of 9tro Alliance within the South-East Asia region. This move will also allow for stronger networking between businesses and consumers within the region, and improve both diversity and quantity of content made available from our web-portal.

The ‘Motorsports Division’ and ‘Events Division’ will also continue to be geared towards creating educational and sporting events, ranging from advance-driving courses, defensive-driving clinics, track-days and even time-attack races.

No longer a physical-territorial bound entity and with the cohesive abilities of our web-portal and social media platforms, 9tro Group is set at becoming the one automotive media brand for all likeminded enthusiasts. For businesses, the out-reach and targeted marketing abilities of the 9tro web-portal will serve to be efficient, cost effective and relevant. For consumers, 9tro Alliance will continue to provide quality content, accurate information, and be the platform to fuel all passion.

As the online readership of 9tro Alliance grows, the call for a return-to-print has also increased over the past months. That said, while the company still sees the print industry as a sun-set industry, especially when compared to the speed and pace with which our web-portal (mated with our social media prowess) is capable of, an annual year-end book will begin publication in end-2013. Titled 9tro – BLACK Edition 2013 as a tribute to the titles of past magazines, pagination work has began and the book is expected to be available for sale on Alliance by 9tro by January 2014. Click here for more information.

Published On: 1st March 2013
Updated On: 21st October 2013

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